A Sander sandwich.
A Sander sandwich.

A New Saturday Event Challenges Avalon's Lock On Superstar DJs

When Dave Dean moved from Vanguard to nearby Avalon at the beginning of the year, bringing his crowd with him, the latter club suddenly had a monopoly on superstar DJs for Saturday nights. Vanguard has quietly faded from the scene (Marques Wyatt's Deep parties on Sundays also fled), leaving Avalon large and in charge.

But this week Insomniac Events and the Music Box (formerly the Music Box@Fonda) announced they're teaming up to promote another superstar DJ party on Saturdays. The first event under the team's "Decor" banner will feature Sander Kleinenberg March 20.

A Sander sandwich.
A Sander sandwich.

Interestingly, Insomniac chief Pasquale Rotella and Avalon lead promoter Dean worked together at Vanguard to put on nights there, with Rotella seemingly acting as an in-house partner of the owner and Dean bringing his "Giant" brand to the mix on Saturdays. Dean has emerged as the king of Saturday night superclubs in L.A., at least by default, because nearly every other promoter has skipped the grueling game. Rotella is arguably the king of one-off raves: He claims his Electric Daisy Carnival in summer was the largest such event in U.S. history.

"I am honored to be working with such an iconic Hollywood venue," stated Rotella. "Together, we plan to awaken the nightlife and dance community in Los Angeles by providing some of the hottest and most influential DJs and live acts in the dance music industry."

The Music Box, by the way, is said to have been renovated to reflect its 1920s grandeur. March 20 also marks is grand re-opening weekend. The next night, Groove Armada performs.



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