60 Seconds of Video Terror by 60 Watt Kid (MP3)

Long Beach's 60 Watt Kid is a band on the rise. Since moving to Southern California from San Francisco, the trio has become a regular fixture at art-oriented, all-ages venues like The Smell and Echo Curio. Both live and on record, the group maintains an odd but enticing duality, vacillating between skuzzy noise-punk and ethereal psych groove. As evidence to the former, we've got the just-released, super DIY, super apeshit video for "Virtual Plastic Surgery," from 60 Watt Kid's just-released Absolutely Kosher album, We Come From The Bright Side. And as evidence to the latter, you'll find an MP3 of "2012" after that.

60 Watt Kid - "2012" (MP3)

See? Like completely different bands. In fact, the 7-inch release of "2012" was recently featured in West Coast Sound's INCHES column, with the song described as such: "an organic and playful groove that brings Animal Collective to mind even as it opens up that group's loop-iness to a more epic sprawl." Hardly super batshit. In any case, L.A. residents can catch 60 Watt Kid at The Echo on November 10, Synchronicity Space (on Melrose) on November 11, and/or Origami Vinyl on November 13. Album info below.

60 Seconds of Video Terror by 60 Watt Kid (MP3)

We Come From The Bright Side

01. 2012

02. We Come From The Bright Side

03. I Can!

04. Golden Travels

05. Pressure

06. Take The Pain Out Of Your Chest

07. Waking Up On A Lost Road

08. PRAY!

09. Friends Again

10. 2012 Breakdown

11. Emotions

12. Virtual Plastic Surgery

13. Italian Waves


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