Music Video for Scilence’s track ‘Crush’ out now!

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Legends follow their own paths, and Scilence, a California-based female recording artist, rapper, and vocalist, has proven on several occasions that she was born to play in the big leagues. She developed a passion for music as a child and was actively and earnestly learning the electric guitar, piano, and drums, all of which she taught herself. Her music has an incredible psychedelic/electronic hip-hop vibe that shoots off like a rocket from the ground up! She creates her own mixes and masters her own songs.

She started her musical journey as a rapper in 2019, but she had already started writing songs at the age of 12. She got into the industry for her passion and it’s something she always wanted to do. Having figured out her musical self, she now feels like she knows who she is as an artist now.

In 2021, she released her first project, “The Red Cup Demo.” Scilence collaborated on this record with “Bizarre,” a highly recognised rap veteran from the legendary rap group “D12,” on the project. Scilence continues to push the boundaries of her inventiveness, as evidenced by her second album, “The Solo Cup E.P.” This project features incredible psychedelic elements and trippy melodies while also pushing the boundaries of record mixing.

Her biggest achievement so far would be collaborating with Bizarre on the track ‘Crush’ whose music video is out now for everyone to check out! It’s a creative milestone for Scilence because not only did she get to collaborate with a GOAT but also the music video is half claymation which is a different ball game altogether. Sharing her excitement on working with Bizzare she said, “It was incredible working with Bizzare and really seeing how witty he is when it comes to his bars and how great he is at executing them. I had never thought in a million years that I would actually get the opportunity to work with him.”

Future plans for her would be to put out another album next year and to work with Bizarre again or even other artists. She had gotten so much positive feedback on their first collaboration that she wonders what more they can do. Short term goals for Scilence would be to put out more music video content and long term goals would be to someday perform at Coachella.

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