Music Artist Zzz Releases New Music Video for His Single “Another Day”

Ever since he released his first song, artist Zzz has continued to bless his ever-growing fan base with exceptional music.  He is now stepping into the next stage of his blossoming career. The incredible artist is set to release his first-ever music video for his single called “Another Day.”

With a combination of great vocals, instruments, and a smooth flow of lyrics, “Another Day” is one of those songs that just feels right. Since its release, the song has attracted a lot of attention and has become a fan favorite.  This is one of the songs that has elevated Zzz’s spot in the music industry.

According to music artist Zzz, like most of his songs, this was also a freestyle done in his dorm room. The song speaks about how Zzz doesn’t want to live the stereotypical college partying lifestyle but wants to focus on chasing his dreams and push the party lifestyle to “Another day.”

“I consider partying and celebrating, but what do I have to celebrate if I haven’t accomplished my goals in life, my focus is now continuing to chase my dreams and reaching new heights in the music industry while saving the partying for another day,” says Zzz.

The majority of college students are torn between party life and studying. While it’s okay to let loose from time to time, through his song, Zzz is telling people that you don’t have to do it all at once. You can save some activities for “Another Day.”

A college student as well, Zzz understands the strong urge to skip class and attend a party. This is a song he relates to a lot. It’s also the first song in his four-year music journey that will include a music video. Working on this video with Trailer Park Films, Zzz says it has been one of his most exciting moments.  He adds this is the first chapter of something big in his career and for his audience.

More than just a video, “Another day” tells the message in a superbly choreographed way.

The high-quality image, superb video production, and amazing graphics reflect the message in a great way. Just like the audio, the music video is setting the bar higher in the music industry.

Other songs Zzz has worked on include “Out My Face,” “I Am,” “Worth it,” and his most recent single, “Demon Time.” While it was released just a month ago, the song has over 70k plays on Soundcloud alone. Zzz’s undeniable talent and effortless flow of the lyrics has seen many label his music as the next big thing.

In a time where there’s so much hate in the world, and some people are living in fear, music artist Zzz is using his music to spread peace, love, and positivity. Just like he has found refuge in music so many times and how music has healed his soul, he hopes that people get to release their worries and show love to each other through listening to his music. His music video for “Another day” is now available on all channels.

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