Murs Alison happens to be one of those rare individuals who set their own path and create their own narrative.  He is a firm believer in self-affirmation while his personal struggles have given him a perspective on life that is uniquely mature, and spirited.

As a graphic designer, Murs Alison worked with brands like H&M, Uniqlo, and Fanta. However, he remained unsatisfied with the scope of such projects that limited his creative powers and left him little time to pursue his own interests.

Murs Alison did not want to be a part of the crowd that prefers the false security of familiarity. Instead, he decided to brave the fear of the unknown and made the big leap into being a social media influencer, and fashion icon. Today, he has one of the fastest-growing health and fitness accounts on Instagram along with a strong presence on other social media platforms like YouTube and Tik Tok. Murs also hosts podcasts, based on his real-life events, where the followers are able to relate to his life.

You can find excellent fashion and style trivia on the same, along with great beauty insights that are highly diverse in their reach. Murs Alison’s followers absolutely love his humane humor and approach, while he often says, “I make them (the audience) laugh and just be there for them when I know they might need me.”

He also has his own clothing label by the name of Murs & Co. which is expanding and evolving every day. The brand has met with great response from its audience, and Murs eagerly looks forward to fruitful collaborations with names like Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, etc. in the near future.

At the same time, Mr. Alison recalls that there was a lot of struggle in this business initially. Since he did not know much about maintaining a business, he struggled to pitch his ideas, negotiate deals, etc. An even bigger hurdle presented itself to him when he couldn’t deliver the pre-ordered stock of items due to lockdown restrictions. However, he consistently stayed in touch with his customers till the problem was resolved, and this penchant for effective communication and devotion to his audience got him out of tumultuous waters.

With his professionalism and passion for the work he does – Murs is a rare example of what you can achieve if you are ready to dream beyond your fears.

We sincerely hope that the future holds nothing but success for this zealous visionary.

LA Weekly