Multimillionaire Garrain Jones Leads by Example with His Transformational Coaching Company

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When hearing advice from a multi-millionaire, most would say it’s not relatable. While that may be the case for those born into a life of luxury, it’s different when it’s coming from a self-made entrepreneur. Garrain Jones, who was once sentenced to prison and is a convicted felon, has experienced some of the worst situations, including homelessness. Living out of his car with nowhere to turn, he had a vision of helping others, yet no money to start a business, so he started a YouTube channel posting weekly motivational content. It wasn’t a profitable venture, yet he remained determined to post regularly, uplifting the spirits of many as he focused on his self-healing and self-love journey.

What started as a vision, born from his love of helping people, would eventually turn into would eventually turn into a profitable career that enabled Garrain to reach multi-millionaire status. However, despite his growing wealth, he remains humble and continues to lead by example while operating a transformational coaching company.

“I started this journey more than ten years ago, learning to love myself and teaching others how to do the same. However, it’s not just about self-love but also about connecting with your Artist Power and filling your life with the things that bring you the most joy,” said Jones. “When I began posting content on YouTube, I gave myself zero excuses and remained consistent, even though I wasn’t making anything from the content. The great thing about it was that I was making a connection with others and helping them transform their lives, which also helped me amass a large following.”

Having built his following organically through his consistent YouTube content, it wouldn’t take long before people asked Garrain for more advice and suggestions on improving their lives and overcoming their pasts. Knowing that he had a plethora of valuable information and insights to offer the world, he decided to write a book of encouragement, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life, which has since sold 87,000+ copies worldwide. In addition to writing an influential book that challenges individuals to do deep transformational and healing work like he did to overcome his own past, he started his transformational coaching company, providing programs like Get Unstuck, Whole Life Success, and Relationship Mastery.

“I’ve achieved tremendous success because I’ve led by example. No one is perfect. When people hear my story, they’re willing to listen because they want to know how someone could go from a homeless convicted felon to a successful entrepreneur and multi-millionaire. I’m not ashamed of my past, and I’ve learned to let it go while working on healing from within, so I encourage others to do the same,” shared Jones. “While that may initially sound easier said than done, through my coaching, programs, and retreats, people can learn the art of tapping into their fullest expression of who they are to experience more fulfillment in life.”

Garrain Jones is a best-selling author and self-made entrepreneur who has spent more than a decade inspiring others to excel. His commitment to transformational coaching has helped change countless lives over the years.

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