Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur Zachary Swerdlow Shifts Focus to Adaptation of Best-Selling Biography ‘Rebbe’

In the tech-heavy world where trends can come and go in the blink of an eye, remaining fluid and evolving alongside the ebbs and flows of societal demands is paramount to success. No one understands this better than serial entrepreneur Zachary Swerdlow, a true modern-day renaissance man who has dipped his toes in a myriad of burgeoning industries — with undeniable success.

The 31-year-old businessman holds an impressive résumé of work under his belt; upon graduation from City University London with a degree in Financial Economics, Swerdlow began his career in film financing, quickly finding his way into the production side of Hollywood at the tender age of 22.  Soon after, the ever-ambitious Swerdlow was tapped for the role of managing corporate acquisitions of the royal family of the UAE, ultimately preparing him for his self-propelled launch into the entrepreneurial world with this healthy stint in the “school of life.”

Swerdlow has been in full control of his own destiny ever since; after becoming his own boss, the fastidious entrepreneur rapidly diversified his portfolio and created a number of businesses in up-and-coming tech enterprises. As a founder of one of the most-used virtual private network services in the world FasterVPN, CEO of the renowned blockchain compliance solution for governments and financial institutions Trusti, and creator of gold-standard mobile adtech agency General Boost, the widespread acclaim of Swerdlow’s holdings speaks for itself. But most importantly, his lengthy roster of accomplishments in the technological world has provided him with both the necessary time and capital to invest in projects near and dear to his heart.

Now, Swerdlow has tapped into both his Israeli heritage and experience in the production world through his purchase of the rights to “Rebbe,” the New York Times best-seller chronicling the life of influential Rabbi Lubavitcher Rebbe in December 2021. Swerdlow has big plans to adapt the biography into a premium television series, bringing the work and history of the Jewish faith’s cultural touchstone to the 21st century in an accessible and engaging format.

When not focusing on the highly anticipated Rebbe project, the savvy businessman is deeply passionate about committing his money and attention toward the philanthropic world. Though perennially involved in charitable action, Swerdlow prefers to keep his donations to choice foundations anonymous, graciously keeping the money focused on the cause rather than on himself.

As the world constantly changes and Swerdlow likewise evolves in tandem, one thing about the entrepreneur and philanthropist has remained exactly the same: his unshakeable tenacity. With many years ahead for the mature-beyond-his-years 31-year-old, all eyes are peeled for what exciting undertaking Swerdlow decides to put his passion to next.

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