Mu Sun’s SKYBC Cloud Service Launches Program to Help People Experience the World

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The solutions of cloud search and computing services have been a technology Mu Sun has explored for over a decade. Now into new territory with SKYBC.IO, Sun and co-founder Dingjian “Dean” Zhang strike upon a new vision of the world, a drone cloud map project—bringing maps, real-world views, and data generation all into the cloud.

Mu Sun is renowned as a lifelong innovator. He was the head of one of the first vertical search technology teams at Yahoo China. Soon after, Sun became the core technology development project leader of Cloud Ladder Cluster, an early distributed computing platform at Alibaba (BABA|NYSE). This earned him the highest honorary distinction of Alibaba Cloud, the Apsara Award.

Mu Sun remained at Alibaba Group for ten years. During that period, he received recognition and awards for his efforts and guidance within the company, often directly collaborating with founder Jack Ma and leadership.

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Sun was also recognized nationally. In particular, for his role as one of the first developers involved in the Apsara Distributed Operating System. This project received the “Special Award for Scientific and Technical Progress” from the Chinese National Institute of Electronics at their 2018 annual awards.

Mu Sun’s work on the Apsara distributed operating system remains the foundation of the overall system architecture of Ali cloud services. As many analysts agree, search technology and distributed computing cluster management technology were critical to Alibaba’s worldwide growth and eventual rise to a US-listed company. Alibaba Group grew substantially in 2019 from there. The revenue of AliCloud, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, exceeded $4.6 billion in 2019, with the valuation of AliCloud exceeding $71 billion. According to the 2021 Gartner Solution Scorecard, Alibaba Cloud received the highest ranks in Computing, Storage, and Security.

After he left Alibaba Group as an equity holder, Mu sought out new challenges and opportunities for innovation.

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In 2019, Mu Sun came to the US to meet with Dean, an advertising executive who had settled in Los Angeles. They quickly discovered a mutual interest in aerial robotic drone technology. The pair imagined how aerial video, photography, and panoramic images could grant people a new immersive experience. Building on traditional flat world maps with stereoscopic panoramic videos, photos, and drone visuals.

With a cloud-based mindset, Mu proposed a PGC (Professional-Generated Content) model to recruit professional drone pilots to contribute aerial content from cities, communities, and schools.

Sun and Zhang initially launched the SKYBC.IO aerial crowdsourcing platform for the American real estate advertising market. The underlying SKYBC.IO website introduced two innovative goals. The first was fulfilling the connection between “the aerial needs of real estate owners or agents” and “local skilled drone pilots with free time.” The second was launching a “City Partner” recruitment plan wherein a partner can buy out each city on a yearly basis. The accomplishments were measured by a considerable output of templated videos with professional editing and post-production treatment.

Yet, a brand-new solution and application scenario evolved. The more significant endeavor would be to enable expensive, low-frequency drone users worldwide to collect video footage and navigate remote experiences according to any client’s request via cloud-based technology and the SKYBC.IO site. This UGC (User-generated Content) method allows millions of drone owners to contribute and fulfill orders. Moreover, blockchain ensures creative copyright and attracts pilots to participate in forming an aerial world map and community.

Three months after the SKYBC.IO launch, it had gathered 1,000+ POI (point of interest) resource materials from 15 cities in Los Angeles. This included producing and delivering housing listings in more than 15 school districts and completing filming and distribution content of a developer’s 58 sets of school apartment resources valued collectively at $5 Million. SKYBC.IO also achieved the filming, production, and distribution agency for a developer’s winery resorts worth $12 Million.

As an extension of SKYBC.IO, Mu Sun recently launched the USchool (“US High School Drone Visiting School Selection”) applet. This WeChat mini-program helps students and families from afar view and familiarize themselves with various US school campuses.

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