MRCOOL Exemplifies ‘Comfort Made Simple’ With 4th Generation DIY Ductless Mini-Split

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“Comfort Made Simple.” This slogan adopted by Kentucky-based HVAC company MRCOOL says it all, and the latest installment in their DIY mini-split series exemplifies it best.

After the invention of the mini-split in the late ‘50s in Japan, most people thought HVAC had reached the peak of innovation. As such, consumers embraced the practice of paying HVAC professionals for days-long, complex, and costly installation processes as par for the course.

It wasn’t until 2014, when MRCOOL came up with its DIY ductless mini-split system, that users were finally able to solve their wants and needs that past HVAC innovations missed: a way to improve their home comfort experience without breaking the bank.

With the DIY ductless mini-split, MRCOOL became the first company to create an HVAC product intended for fast and simple installation. The company aims to emphasize the homeowner’s wants and needs for individualized comfort by allowing them to choose the precise system they want, where they want it.

Case in point: their pre-charged, No-Vac Quick Connect line sets. These line sets are accurately charged with R-410A refrigerant and sealed so they can be connected to the fittings on the mini-split’s condenser and air handler quickly and easily. In doing so, they have eliminated the need to hire an HVAC professional for the installation process. The result is a short, simple home improvement project—a far cry from the complicated and expensive process that most other HVAC units require.

MRCOOL has also ventured into whole-home heating and cooling with their Universal central heat pump split system, which also uses pre-charged line sets for a simpler installation process. The system also features quite an impressive range of operating temperatures, providing heat at 78% capacity in temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are many other products on the company’s catalog, from window units to bladeless fans, but the DIY ductless mini-split has remained the biggest hit among their patrons. After all, it’s the first DIY mini-split product ever created, and it is the only true system of its kind that’s still on the market.

Seeing as the latest installment in the series was recently released, there’s a lot their customers can get excited about.

The 4th generation DIY ductless mini-split offers better SEER ratings for higher energy savings and a sturdy DIYPro cable to hasten installation while providing security. It also comes with two new sizes and multi-zone capabilities, offering a range of options for condensers, from two zones to five zones. On top of that, it has the best warranty in the industry, including a Limited Lifetime compressor warranty and a seven-year unit replacement warranty, provided the buyer signs up for the soon-to-be-available MRCOOL Care Program.

MRCOOL still remains focused on innovating industry norms, so it has a few more exciting projects on the table.

For one, the company is looking into franchising their current operations to bring their products and services throughout the nation, and they are planning on opening more distribution centers. MRCOOL currently operates throughout North America and recently expanded into Canada, but the company recognizes that the need for innovative, affordable HVAC doesn’t end with Canada and the United States. They hope to eventually expand overseas.

Other long-term goals for the organization include increasing efficiency levels for all their products, in line with their goal to reduce their overall carbon emissions. These efforts in expansion and increased sustainability are how MRCOOL aims to become a world leader in not just mini-splits, but in HVAC systems in general.

For those who are interested to experience how comfort can be made simple, you can find their website at, or you can connect with MRCOOL on Instagram or Facebook at @mrcoolcomfort.

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