Where We Started (NR)

Drama 105 min. May 2, 2014
By Sherilyn Connelly
Though it's an original screenplay, Christopher J. Hansen's Where We Started feels like an adaptation of a stage play, in the best way possible. Travelers Nora (Cora Vander Broek) and Will (Matthew Brumlow) check into a motel at the same time late one night, realize they're deeply attracted to each other, and spend the next few hours trying to figure out what to do about it — if anything, since they're both married. (Unrealistic expectations about romance caused by John Hughes films also are examined.)

The mise-en-scène occasionally opens up beyond the motel, and there are a few supporting characters, but Where We Started would be no less compelling if it were just Nora and Will alone together in a room. It all feels carefully scripted and rehearsed, with actors boasting terrific chemistry, who never seem like they're improvising or veering into mumblecore territory. (For that matter, while the narrative primarily follows the male character, and Brumlow makes him sympathetic, it's Vander Broek's show; she's damn good.) A compelling look at the pitfalls of being a grown-up, Where We Started will resonate with anyone who's ever clicked with the right person at the wrong time, or has wondered what it might be like.
Chris Hansen Matthew Brumlow, Cora Vander Broek Chris Hansen Indie Rights

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