The Price (NR)

Drama 92 min. November 10, 2017
By Rob Staeger
Has there ever been a movie about Wall Street whose story doesn’t hinge on insider trading? The temptation for an easy score is one of a handful of shopworn plot elements in Anthony Onah’s debut feature The Price, yet the interaction of the film's many tensions nonetheless brings it to complex life. Seyi (The Maze Runner's Aml Ameen), a young Nigerian-American stock analyst, has a chameleon’s gift for blending in, bantering with the financial bros but adopting a Nigerian accent as he drops off a home-cooked meal for the building’s security officer, an immigrant like his parents. Off the clock, Seyi is pulled between nightlife (basically a networking chore) and helping care for his ailing father, whose recent stroke was brought on by an illness his family doesn’t talk about. And for once he's met a girl he's into, a med student (Lucy Griffiths) who disrupts his careful balancing act. Onah puts Seyi in the center of a sharply drawn world, from the fearful racism he encounters on the streets to his struggles to please and/or ignore his mom (the excellent Michael Hyatt). Ameen holds that world together with his grounded presence, a driven young man struggling to calibrate his moral compass in the face of intense pressure.
Anthony Onah Aml Ameen, Lucy Griffiths, Bill Sage, Hope Olaide Wilson, Michael Hyatt, Peter Vack, Souleymane Sy Savane, Craig Mums Grant, Tru Collins, Dana Drori Anthony Onah Orion Pictures

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