By Aaron Hillis
As scuzzy, schizoid and defiantly lo-fi as ever, punk-rock auteur Jon Moritsugu (Mod Fuck Explosion, Scumrock) proves with his Kickstarter-funded first feature in over a decade that there’s still a cinematic underground in the post-Internet world. Amy Davis—Moritsugu’s partner and frequent muse—co-wrote and stars in this absurdist, decibel-cranked comedy as Cocojoy, a bespectacled boho-ish blonde whose IQ sadly tops out at 79, an onscreen counter reveals. When the town of Santa Fe receives a shipment of contaminated pork, our daft heroine suddenly becomes an enlightened genius after a few bites. The other white meat also augments Lipton Sweet (Hannah Levbarg), a goth waitress with a lurid penchant for botany (“phytophilia” is the diagnosis) who now inexplicably hears the pained shrieks of her iceberg lettuce being sliced, and the poor blades of grass crushed beneath her feet. Shot by New Queer Cinema veteran Todd Verow, the charmingly cruddy digital images are made all the more jarring through shock cuts, psychedelic overlays, and groovy DIY animation (including a bacon-and-glitter, jittery stop-motion finale that would make Jan Svankmajer chuckle). Too madcap or not self-serious enough to be called transgressive, Moritsugu’s degenerate romp splits the tonal difference between Nick Zedd and John Waters.
Jon Moritsugu Victor of Aquitaine, Tucker Bennett, Amy Davis, Hannah Levbarg, Johnny Pink Amy Davis, Jon Moritsugu


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