Looking Glass (R)

Suspense/Thriller 103 min. February 16, 2018
By Craig D. Lindsey
With the release of Looking Glass, it seems somebody in Hollywood read The Voyeur’s Motel, that questionably true Gay Talese book about the motel owner who supposedly spent years watching his lodgers through ceiling vents, and decided to use it as fodder for a skeezy thriller — starring Nicolas Cage, no less!

Rocking a beard that looks just as glued-on as his hair, Cage is the new owner of the seedy motel (he bought it off a dude on Craigslist!?!) that he runs with his wife (Robin Tunney). Looking to make a fresh start after the accidental death of their daughter, they soon find that the area is teeming with shady, creepy folk and dark, sinister secrets. Cage’s character eventually gets in the pervy, freaky-sneaky spirit when he discovers a secret spot where he can watch customers get it on in one of the rooms.

You might get the feeling that Cage, director Tim Hunter and everyone involved in the production got together and wanted to make the sort of sordid, straight-to-cable kinkfest that Cinemax used to play ad nauseam in the ’90s. And as much as it piles on the skankiness, giving us brief but substantial glimmers of Sapphic and sadomasochistic activity, the movie’s clumsy attempts to be all salacious and menacingly tawdry makes it look like another quickie thriller that’s just Brian De Palma lite.

And, really, if you want watch a more effective movie about a motel owner doing some sleazy shit, Voyeur, the documentary based on the Talese book, has been streaming on Netflix for a while now.
Tim Hunter Nicolas Cage, Robin Tunney, Marc Blucas, Ernie Lively, Jacque Gray, Bill Bolender Jerry Rapp, Matthew Wilder Braxton Pope, David M. Wulf Momentum Pictures

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