Kill Ratio (NR)

Action/Adventure December 9, 2016
By Luke Y. Thompson
Given a couple more drafts and a bigger budget, "Die Hard in an Eastern European hotel during a Russian-backed coup" wouldn't be such a bad idea for a movie — especially as we're likely to see similar international situations become commonplace in the next four years. And despite its cheaply animated muzzle flashes and explosions, and accents so inconsistent they make it clear a fictional country is the setting just so nobody can critique the film for accuracy, Kill Ratio manages to be reasonably engaging for a while.

Cellphone representative Gabrielle (Threesome's Amy Huberman) and secret CIA guy James (Black Sails' Tom Hopper) lack any clear path to safety or success when their hotel is swarmed by militiamen, an evil general and his KGB liaison; that inspires some effective tension as our heroes duck in and out of various rooms escaping capture. Once their cover is blown, though, the heroes' lack of an obvious goal starts to feel like the screenwriters' foot-dragging, and the bad guys' propensity to pause the action periodically for rape attempts is distastefully dumb.

Hopper looks like Patrick Wilson and Chris Pratt got mashed up and stuffed into a perfect body; his American accent is flawless but seems to be holding the English actor back a bit from really cutting loose. The Irish Huberman is equally adept at American-ness, which makes one wonder why the rest of the cast are so hard on the ears with their pseudo-Pottsylvanian. Best case for director Paul Tanter: He sells the remake rights and somebody actually turns this thing into the consistently taut thriller it ought to be.
Paul Tanter Tom Hopper, Amy Huberman, Nick Dunning, Lacy Moore, Conor Hegarty Steven Palmer Peterson XLrator Media

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