Falcon Song (PG)

Drama 108 min. March 21, 2014
By Ernest Hardy
A contemporary Western that softly throws its punches, Falcon Song is modest, charming, and relatively subversive in the context of contemporary American film. Directed by Jason Corgan Brown from a script he co-wrote with Michelle Poteet Lisanti, Falcon is filmed with the aesthetics (lighting style, rhythms, non-caricatured fashions) of American movies of the '80s. Syd (Gabriel Sunday), a drifter and low-grade hustler, blows into a small unnamed Western town on his way to Portland. Quickly befriending Randy (Hart Turner), the son of wealthy landowner Caspian (Martin Kove, of Karate Kid fame), Syd finds himself in the middle of a turf war. Caspian is strong-arming local ranchers to sell him their property for his own nefarious purposes; a small band of townsfolk is waging guerilla warfare against him. Syd serves as something of a double agent while also falling for Randy's spitfire girlfriend, Sarah Lou (Rainey Qualley). As he slowly discovers his own moral compass, Syd encourages Sarah Lou to pursue her own long-suppressed dreams. Sprinkled with elements of magic realism, the leisurely paced redemption tale is most noticeably old-school in its dialogue, which is mercifully free of easy irony and the nonstop references to pop culture that now pass for screenwriting wit. That absence is utterly refreshing.
Jason C. Brown Gabriel Sunday, Rainey Qualley, Martin Kove, James Storm, Michael Yebba, Hart Turner, Jeter Rhodes Jason Brown, Michelle Poteet Lisanti Jason Brown Laser Beam Releasing

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