Dark Signal (NR)

Horror 98 min. June 2, 2017
By Craig D. Lindsey
While watching horror thriller Dark Signal, I kept wondering if co-writer and director Edward Evers-Swindell (Infestation) expected this to be his last film. Because he throws all the shit he can into it -- and I don't mean to suggest that this is a good thing.

Set in Evers-Swindell's home country of Wales, the movie is about a single mom (Polish actress Joanna Ignaczewska, sounding like a female Tommy Wiseau) who serves as both lookout and getaway driver on a heist with her boyfriend (Duncan Pow). Their caper takes place on countryside property that's haunted by the latest victim of the Wedlock Killer, a serial murderer whose calling card is snapping off the wedding fingers of his victims with bolt cutters. Not too far away, a ghost is also haunting a radio station, where a cynical DJ (Siwan Morris) and her guest, who coincidentally happens to be a psychic (Cinzia Monreale), try to communicate with the spirit on the air.

As you've probably guessed, Signal is in that least promising of subgenres, the supernatural serial-killer movie -- a combination that rarely works. (Fallen, anyone?) But Evers-Swindell also piles onto the stack some Ken Loach–ish working-class melodrama: Both Ignaczewska's and Morris' characters are down-on-their-luck dames who don't know when or how their next dime is coming. With all this going on, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the incoherent, mostly out-of-control Dark Signal is too damn much.
Edward Evers-Swindell Siwan Morris, Gareth David-Lloyd, Joanna Ignaczewska, Duncan Pow, Cinzia Monreale Edward Evers-Swindell XLrator Media

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