Another Kind of Wedding (NR)

Comedy 86 min. May 11, 2018
By Chuck Wilson
A comedy that presents Kathleen Turner and Frances Fisher as feuding life partners — with a flashback love scene, no less — should be irresistible, but Another Kind of Wedding proves more irritating than charming. In his third feature, actor turned writer-director Pat Kiely presents the Montreal wedding weekend of Matthew (Jacob Tierney) and Louisa (Jessica Parker Kennedy), and a confusingly presented series of plot twists involving Matthew’s family.

Louisa, it turns out, was once involved with Matthew’s younger brother, Kurt (Kevin Zegers), a revelation that cues the first of a series of awkwardly placed flashbacks. Also earning flashbacks are Matthew’s two moms, Barbara (Turner) and Tammy (Fisher), who are separated, as well as his depressed sister, Carrie (Jessica Paré), who has a boyfriend (Luke Kirby) but seems to be vibing on Roy (David La Haye), an uninvited guest who may have once been Barbara’s lover.

I’ve seen the movie twice, and still don’t understand Roy. Nor did I understand why Wallace Shawn agreed to play Barbara’s crudely lecherous friend, though I did sympathize when his character expressed confusion over who was connected to whom in the wedding party. So many characters, so little narrative logic! It’s a maddening shame because Kiely has composed a love letter to the city of Montreal, and given his gifted cast of young Canadian actors some well-written individual scenes. But alas, this is a wedding where few will want to stick around for cake.
Pat Kiely Jessica Paré, Kathleen Turner, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Kevin Zegers, Frances Fisher, Wallace Shawn, Luke Kirby, Cristina Rosato, Jacob Tierney, Kalinka Petrie Pat Kiely Vertical Entertainment


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