Most Popular Types Of Vaping Devices

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The new found love for CBD products owing to its benefits has resulted in many types of products available for its consumption. Among these, vaping is more popular among the youth for recreational use due to its very fast onset time. Here, it is consumed by inhaling CBD vapors which enter directly into the bloodstream through lungs. Therefore, there are different types of vaping devices or vaporizers available. This primer will discuss important points to consider when selecting a vaping device.


The most popular vaping device is the E-cigarette and there are many factors to consider when choosing the type of e-juice suitable for that particular device. Hence, the most important structural element is the coil resistance because it determines how fast the coil heats up. The thumb rule is that low resistance coils are suitable for low nicotine e-juice and high resistance coils are used for higher nicotine e-juice. Next, we have to consider the type of air-flow on the E-cigarette. Low power devices have lower airflow and hence you have a tight draw similar to traditional cigarettes; whereas larger box mods have adjustable airflow. Moreover, here you replace the vape tank along with the coils and they provide restrictive hit because of the lack of flavours available in prefilled e-juices or vape pods. Now, let us look into these in more detail.

  • Coil Resistance: The resistance of an E-Cigarette is denoted in Ohms and this has an inverse relationship with the current flow through the coils. Low resistance is less than 1.0 Ohms and high resistance coils are over 1.5 Ohms. Hence, a higher Ohms coil can pass less current and a lower Ohm coil can pass more current resulting is rapid heating along with a higher temperature. However, low resistance coils and tanks leak when filled with a high nicotine e-juice.

Vape Pods

These are very suitable for beginners and they are available either as pre-filled or closed pods. Their advantage is that you can easily snap a prefilled pod and smoke it on the go. Because of this, they are very popular right now. It must also be noted that there are many refillable or open vape pod systems as it allows you to choose between various e-juice choices depending on your requirements.

Vape Mods

These are larger vaping devices with removable vape tanks and coils. If you are an experienced user requiring a superior experience this is the choice due to its flexibility and they are designed for direct to lung vaping. Because of this many of them have swappable 18650 or the larger 21700 battery. Moreover, they are available in different sizes and shapes with LED screens to customize their performance. Therefore vape mods are the obvious choice for experienced CBD vaping consumers.

Stick Battery Cartomizers

This functions similar to vape pods and the experience is like smoking a high nicotine e-cigarette. Because of this many of their differences between Stick battery Cartomizers and vape pods are purely aesthetic such as here you screw the pods instead of snapping it in. However, it must be remembered that they are different devices.

Tabletop Vaporizer

Now, let us try to know more about another type of vaping device called tabletop vaporizers and as the name suggests, they are not portable. These are bigger stationary table top vaping devices where you can control the temperature. They have a heating element that heats up concentrates placed inside the heating chamber. You can inhale the vapors through the mouthpiece.

Some tabletop vaporizers have a bag that collects the vapors and then releases it just before inhalation. Others have long tubes attached to the heating chamber allowing the vapors to move directly to the mouthpiece.

Portable Vaporizer

These are miniature vaporizers similar to the tabletop variant that can be used discreetly. Usually, they have a chamber, a heating element, battery and variable temperature control dial. Because of this they can be used to vape different forms of concentrates like budder, shatter etc. There are portable dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers and hybrids. Therefore you choose them depending on your need and requirement.

Vape Pen

These are also known as CBD oil pen or hash oil pens designed to vapourize CBD oils and distillates. They consist of two parts: a battery and a cartridge. They are available in various sizes, shapes, styles and hence you choose them depending on your requirement.

Dab Pen

These are like vape pens but they are used to consume dabs and they are also known as wax pens. Dab pens are made up of the same components as vape pens i.e. battery, heating element and a mouthpiece. Here, the wax is placed into the heating chamber rather than loading into a vape cartridge. Therefore, this can be used to consume different types of CBD concentrates like wax, budder, shatter etc.

These are some of the different types of vaping devices available in the market.

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