Moshé Partouche is far from your average serial entrepreneur, he is one that has dominated three aspects of the entertainment industry, will plans to continue growing his astounding empire. Moshé is a big music enthusiast, he created the Moyo Brothers label in 2013, focusing on the genre of house music. The label has grown over the last 8 years where it can now be found on a number of global streaming services, including iTunes, Ibiza Global Radio, and SoundClould, just to name a few.

Moshé has also excelled in the nightlife industry since he brought the famous CIrcoloco music festival to his home country of Israel, from the iconic island of Ibiza. Circoloco has grown into a mainstream music festival featuring some of the best DJ’s from around the world- both established and up and coming. Circoloco was an instant hit in Israel as the music and flair was the perfect fit for the electronic dance music lovers in Israel. Aside from Circoloco, Moshé has organized elaborate events at numerous nightlife venues in Tel Aviv, and throughout Israel. He is looking to continue to grow his vasty popular brand in nightlife in Israel, building on the thriving success of Circoloco.

Moshé has also been enthralled by cinema all his life, he decided to produce several documentaries as a means to start building his name in this industry. The first documentary, The Vif, was a monumental achievement for Moshe as it earned numerous honors at film festivals around the world. The documentary examined the life and last days of famous fashion designer, Christian Audigier. The documentary featured prominent names in entertainment like Snoop Dogg, Don “ED” Hardy, Daymond John, Michael Madsen, Fracois Girbaud, and many more. The documentary earned honors at prestigious film festivals like the Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival, the Canada Independent Film Festival, the Harlem International Film Festival, the Glendale International Film Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival, the Mexico Film Festival, and many others. The documentary won best documentary and best producer at several of such festivals. After Moshé experienced immediate success with this documentary, he decided to make another documentary which was equally as popular.

American Badass: A Michael Madsen Retrospective was the second documentary produced by Moshé, it was an edgy documentary that focused on the life of actor Michael Madsen, as well as some of the captivating stories and experienced the actor had on his way to becoming a Hollywood staple. The documentary achieved such widespread notoriety that it was featured in the historic Sundance Film Festival. The documentary is a must watch for any Hollywood film buff, as well as any Michael Madsen enthusiast. Quentin Tarantino, Ron Perlman, and John Travolta can all be seen in this documentary. Moshé wants to eventually produce and direct movies that will be seen on the big screen, this is sure to happen in the foreseeable future as his trajectory in this industry continues to go up.

Moshé has created a robust portfolio in the entertainment industry that encompasses music, nightlife, and cinema, he is keen on growing his image in all three phases. He is the serial entrepreneur that deserves notable attention as his rapid ascension in the industry is a testament to his hard work, unparalleled dedication, and relentless pursuit of perfection.

To learn more about Moshé Partouche, check out his Instagram @moshe_tlv

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