MoniKa Starling: The Hot Girl Summer Success Story You Need to Hear

The up-and-coming musician MoniKa Starling is thriving in the music industry. Garnering multiple accolades for her music and many talents, the remarkable artist has captivated the entertainment world. Dubbed Maxim magazine’s “Hottest DJ in Los Angeles,” MoniKa is setting her sights on a much bigger prize, expanding her brand and global influence to capture enthusiastic audiences in the world of music and entertainment.

MoniKa Starling has been making waves in Los Angeles, California, after seeing massive success from her feature debut in “NIGHTCLUB STAR,” a documentary that captures a revolutionary look into top-tier DJs in Los Angeles and their many success stories. The film takes audiences into the world of DJing, an underrepresented scene with limitless potential.

MoniKa has also found passion in creating beauty and fantasy through her music videos, live shows, and songs, bringing people closer together with the help of the digital age. In fact, her contagious energy and mastery of the turn-tables and popular music gained her a solid reputation as the go-to DJ for exclusive parties and events in the area. “I love the live-wire I feel on stage and with a beautiful, exciting crowd – makes each show a night to remember,” she said. “Music – I absolutely could never ever stop.”

“I can very comfortably say I was discovered on social media,” shared MoniKa. “When I released my single, I didn’t know anybody. I didn’t have any connections. It was an independent release. And when they asked me what I did, I did this all through direct connections with my audience.”

MoniKa Starling’s latest release, entitled “You,” has been garnering over half a million organic views across social media in a short time. The track is a precursor to her upcoming album, featuring six songs and a full-length music video for each. MoniKa’s distinct musical style and infectious personality have been monumental in her explosive success, and it’ll only get better from here on out.

As a self-made artist hailing from Los Angeles, MoniKa Starling attributes much of her success to the “City of Angels,” which gave her a chance to invent and reinvent herself through music, art, and life, for which she is incredibly grateful. MoniKa’s songs are filled with hard-hitting lyrics, a unique tone, and on-the-edge production. Discerning music enthusiasts searching for music beyond genre will deeply gravitate towards her cutting-edge sound.

As an empowered female artist, MoniKa Starling is ushering in a revolutionary age in the industry and culture. She unabashedly brings “girl power” and her multi-cultural heritage with her in her music. From her humble beginnings as a girl fascinated by everything outside her reach, MoniKa has grown into an inspiring woman who breaks barriers and transforms the minds that created them.

Her recent film appearance and new music releases have primed her for the many projects she has lined up. Soon, she will be delving into music publishing with her unreleased songs. In addition, her music is slated to appear in three upcoming Hollywood movies, including theatrical releases.

With the roaring success of her previous tour across the USA, India, Nepal, and Haiti, MoniKa Starling is now gearing up for her fourth Asia Tour in the Middle East, expressing tremendous excitement for all the new opportunities coming her way. She will also be returning to India this fall/winter of 2022, which fans are looking forward to with feverish anticipation.

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