Moissanites Vs. Diamonds: What Should You Choose?

Some may really have a hard time deciding what ring they should give to their partner, whether it is a gift or for engagement. As a popular song goes, diamonds are considered to be a girl’s best friend. But what if there is an alternative that looks similar yet still elegant?

Here’s where Moissanites come in. They are considered to be one of the next best substitutes to diamonds that goes beyond the look. If your jeweler provided you with an option to choose between the two, this guide may help you with a final decision.

The Cost

One of the most notable differences between moissanite and diamonds is the price. There is a significant amount involved, that’s why some have to decide whether to buy a diamond or moissanite. For example, US$1,000 Moissanite Rings may have similar diamond rings that can cost up to US$3000.

The Color

Moissanites use the same color grading with diamonds. Jewelers consider D, E, and F categories to be colorless like diamond’s top-grade varieties. These are considered to be the most popular ones too. If you are looking for the cheaper version or prefer having some yellow color (warmth), H and I could be your best bet.

The Shape

Actually, moissanite can look quite similar to diamonds. Just like the color grading system used in diamonds, you may also choose from the same shape categories. However, it is better to ask your jeweler about the best option based on your preference. There are some shapes that can make Moissanites more realistic than diamonds, like choosing an elongated shape.

The Ring Design

You could be confused with what’s diamond and what’s Moissanite when talking about the ring’s design. Apparently, anything that is designed to have diamond rings can be replaced or created with a moissanite stone. For example, when choosing from a wide range of Moissanite Engagement Rings, you may find a similar or exactly the same design in their diamond counterpart.

The Sparkle

According to professional jewelers and gemstone experts, Moissanites are about 30% more refractive than diamonds. The former has more bright, rainbow-like sparkles, unlike diamonds that mostly have a white light reflection. The naked eye should be able to note the difference, but if not, there are plenty of videos online that you can watch about it.

The Hardness

Some people may not care about the hardness, but moissanite and diamonds are suitable and perfect for everyday wear. In using the Mohs Scale in determining the hardness of the gemstones, real diamonds would score a perfect 10. Moissanites do not go behind by having around 9.5, making it a very hard material closest to diamond.

Choosing between diamonds and moissanite can be hard, considering that they look similar. If you are buying one for yourself, you can think about it while considering your preferences. However, it is a different issue when getting one for your partner. Especially when getting an engagement ring, make sure what they would more appreciate.

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