Mohammed Shaheen – The Youngest Financial Broker Revolutionizing the Landscape of Financial Markets

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“When people start believing in themselves, they master the art of living. The same goes with trading,” says Mohammed Shaheen, CEO of Seven Capitals. With ten years of exceptional trading services, the company has skyrocketed to international prominence and millions of people now call Seven Capitals their go-to brokerage firm. This became possible because of its unique services and the access it provides to the world’s best trading platforms.

Mohammed Shaheen is the Managing Director and CEO of Seven Capitals, a leading financial brokerage firm, as well as The Index Today, a financial news portal that provides real-time financial market coverage. With a degree in Finance from India, Shaheen moved to Dubai in 2008 with the goal of establishing his trading company as the best in the financial market. Seven Capitals was founded in 2011 and was globally recognized in 2012, marking its presence in the United Kingdom, Mauritius, and Bangkok.

He recently led the company’s diversification into a new portal that covers all major marketing events and financial news.

Through Shaheen’s extensive efforts, Seven Capitals has made its mark as a premier fiscal trading firm since its inception in 2012. The company is invested in serving its legion of clients from various financial backgrounds. It has grown steadily with its clients’ monthly trading volume reaching 21.6 billion USD in August 2020 and its global active trader count exceeding 30,721 traders. Today, Seven Capitals has become a leading, award-winning organization providing a comprehensive range of services to assist its broad range of clientele in reaching their trading objectives.

Shaheen has disclosed the key to the Seven Capitals Group’s long-term success i.e., continuous development, guided primarily by the systematic improvement of trading conditions. The company runs on a customer-centric strategy and improving the quality of its services is its top priority. Shaheen firmly believes in customer support due to which, he has facilitated his clients in seven languages through his website, along with 24-hour support in English and Arabic. He provides traders with exactly what they are looking for: continuous improvement, new opportunities to explore the financial markets, and the opportunity to work with a recognized leader in the financial industry.

While pursuing his profession, Shaheen expanded his business in Dubai as well. According to the International Monetary Fund, the largest recovery of the MENA economy was witnessed in 2021, with a 6.8% growth rate, exceeding the 2.3% forecast for the year. This rebound is expected to last till 2022, owing to low unemployment rates, an increase in oil demand, and growth in non-oil sectors. Within this new environment, financial and economic experts predict a 7% yearly growth, which is reflected in the performance of the stock market, which has been at a 15% higher rate since the beginning of the year. When this is combined with rising energy prices and supply chain disruptions, IHS Markit forecasts 4% annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) growth in the MENA region. This forecast shows no signs of slowing, thus, paving the way for the ideal entry point for lucrative investment and trading opportunities.

Taking advantage of this situation, Shaheen has used Seven Capitals as an international trading platform for assisting others in capitalizing on this opportunity for 2022. He has developed a secure and fast trading platform that allows individuals to trade and invest in four asset classes: commodities, forex, indices, and stocks. Currently, Shaheen shares a lot of his insight with small UAE investors about how crowdfunding can benefit them and how to use it most effectively.

Seven Capitals, an FSC-regulated brokerage firm, has also added MetaTrader 5 to its product lineup. The company has launched a trading platform with demo and live accounts to provide a better first-hand customer experience. Seven Capitals makes it simple to open different types of accounts based on your trading and investment appetite by utilizing MetaTrader5, a software that allows online trades to be executed. When combined with consistent execution, even during periods of extreme volatility and congested bandwidths, Seven Capitals provides a much safer platform than many other options on the market today.The firm’s goal is straightforward: to engage as many people as possible in trading, in order to achieve financial freedom through ethical trading conditions. Individuals, worldwide, have prioritized financial freedom after drastically shifting towards digitalization since COVID-19, and this trend is expected to continue beyond 2022.

According to representatives of Seven Capitals, this has enabled the company to expand its global clientele and become one of the leading brokers in the Middle East. As per Shaheen’s insight, Seven Capitals has excelled as a company by providing its clients with a variety of trading opportunities. It has amazed the world of gold trading as well by facilitating them with a range of tools and step-by-step solutions. Mr. Shaheen notes that his company relies on efficient solutions in the current competitive trading environment:

“The market is changing dramatically, but we are ready for it. Our trading rule states that we do more of what works and less of what does not as our company aims to instill in students a sense of entitlement and safe investment, as well as to build a new career and empower the younger generation. We are striving to introduce a new work culture with endless possibilities, ensuring lifelong financial security with breakthrough knowledge of distinguished and unique financial market investment studies for both men and women regardless of their age.”

Being a remarkable professional and the youngest financial broker in the world, Mohammed Shaheen receives the utmost respect from around the globe. As the founder of a leading brokerage firm in the UAE, he has established a close-knit family of 450+ members who work together to achieve daily and long-term objectives while making their mark in the trading world. In addition, Shaheen is dedicated to creating and fostering healthy work environments in which people can pursue lucrative opportunities for growth and success.

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