In many ways, being an entrepreneur and being an athlete are equivalent. On both sides, the mindset you must have, the risks you must take, and the challenges you will face throughout the road are comparable.

Understanding the impact of a sports person’s influence and the tremendous rise in the popularity of footwear. Mohamed Coulibaly has capitalised on the public’s growing love of kicks. How has he done it you may ask? Well let’s give the world a little more insight on his upbringing. Mohamed Coulibaly who’s a soccer player first became interested in the game at the age of 5. Growing up in a family full of soccer players, businessmen, a dad and mom in the senate, and lovers of the beautiful game left him with no choice but to start his athletic journey where he fell in love with the game. Fast forward a couple more years Mohamed spent the summer of 2021 in France trialing with Stade de Reims where his game developed tremendously. What is he up to now? Well Coulibaly just finished up his first professional soccer preseason with the New York Red Bulls 2, he’s looking to make some noise in the professional soccer world when his time comes while still shaking up the business world.

Mohamed is the CEO/Founder of Heatkickcity which is a sneaker company based in Philadelphia. He told us he fell in love with the sneaker game and the fashion world from watching Allen Iverson known to the world as “AI”. His Love and knowledge of the sneaker game encouraged him to start this company in 2019 which is now a 2 million dollar sneaker company and made over a million dollars in sales in 3 years for any business to do such numbers that is beyond impressive. Mohamed isn’t done here he’s partnered with a couple other professional soccer players to help build a company with a “for us, by us” mission statement 

He is the buzz of the town as a result of his meteoric rise in the sports world. Because of his method of business and ability to adapt fast, he stands out from the rest of the sports business industry. 

Apart from his passion for soccer and kicks, He is attached to his community helping them every month by giving away a thousand dollars worth of food, clothes, shoes, and knowledge to the homeless and those in need. Keeping his life private, Coulibaly’s effect is one-of-a-kind and growing. Being an athlete teaches you a lot of things and discipline, commitment, communication, empathy, and approachability are 5 things that he embodied into his business that helped the success of the Heatkickcity enterprise. 

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