Model Siew Pui Yi’s massive progress as Asia’s one of the leading personalities is indeed inspiring

“Be bold enough to take a stand for yourself, smart enough to follow your instincts and strong enough to live your life independently”, quotes Malaysia’s top model Siew Pui Yi.

The ravishing beauty needs no introduction. The popularity that she enjoys across the web proves how she has turned the tables with her explicit content on the internet.

Siew Pui Yi on several occasions has intrigued her fans by posting bold content for her adult fans. Achieving the magical milestone of almost 15 million, what makes the diva a successful name in the modelling industry?

Well, the answer is pretty simple – Siew Pui Yi is real, gritty and has always believed to stay in her element no matter what. She says that being pretentious is the first step towards the downfall of success. Social media demands authenticity, and that is what the model has been up to throughout these years.

A woman of substance that Siew Pui Yi is, she has never hesitated to run away from being authentic. Making a career out of the genuine representation on a personal and professional level, the model loves to be unapologetic and dedicated towards her work.

However, the fanfare and the popularity that she enjoys across the digital ecosystem has a cost of its own. The dazzling diva on several occasions has revealed that she works out rigorously and follows a strict diet regime to maintain a perfectly toned physique.

“I learned long ago that to achieve the best you need to sacrifice a lot of things in life. I have always stepped out of my comfort zone. It’s more about doing what you love rather than focusing on what others want you to do”, says Siew. Breaking the internet with her sultry posts, Siew Pui Yi considers webspace as a game-changer in her life.

The stunning diva started working merely at an age of 15 as a model. Since then, she has never looked back. It all began when she was discovered by an artist management company. After doing several photo shoots, lingerie shoots and ads for brands, Siew Pui Yi has created a brand value of her own and is one of the highest-paid social media influencers across Asia.

Not just a booty model and an internet influencer, Siew Pui Yi has an excellent entrepreneurial spirit. She is the founder of ‘MSPUIYI COSMETICS’ and has introduced a new brand named ‘Kiseki Skincare’ that will be launching soon. Along with it, she has garnered great reception from her YouTube channel by creating appealing content for the audience.

Managing several things simultaneously, Siew Pui Yi has taken the internet by storm. At just 23, she has become one of the celebrated names all over Asia. Making her presence felt all over the world, the model aims to work with global modelling companies and brands in the coming time. “It is all about competing with yourself and progressing at your pace”, she revealed.

As of now, Siew Pui Yi is building her fanbase across every social media platform. One of the primary reasons behind starting her YouTube channel was that it was a new social media platform back then for creators and brands. “When people started to recognise me, I wanted to bring them one step closer to me. I did that by interacting with my fans on YouTube”, she commented.

Starting merely as a model to becoming one of the most sought names in the modelling and social media industry, she has come a long way in her career. With a team of a photographer, videographer and editor, Siew Pui Yi ensures to create quality content by maintaining its consistency and frequency over the digital domain.

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