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Kristen Rose is a famous model and actor, who has been listed in the IMDB list of Hot Actress and Beyond. She is one of the few actors who do not hesitate in sharing her life experiences with her fans. Perhaps that is what makes her so likable to her fans. Recently, she took to social media to announce her conversion into a pescatarian. The big decision came after she realized that meat and milk were not for her.

Kristen had eaten cheese and milk for ages, as she is allergic to them. Like everyone else, she ate junk and meat because it tasted good. Until one day she realized it was time to listen to her body and move to a pescatarian way of eating.

This is where you chose to eat vegetarian foods combined with seafood. Now she has given up meat because of the dramatic improvement in her health.

The transformations took some getting used to. Overnight, she cut out all meat from her diet which wasn’t really the hard part. The tough gradual process that took place over a couple of years was steering away from the easy to reach junk food and finding healthier substitutions. One of Kristen’s favorite snacks is hot Cheetos and transitioning to snacking on a bag of cherry tomatoes and baby carrots over a bag of hot Cheetos was definitely a major change. Switching from a junk food lifestyle to a healthy one was difficult at first, but with the right motivation, she reached her goals.

Kristen recalls the days where she could not even eat a full meal because of the fear of gaining weight. Being an actor, there is constant pressure to maintain weight. With unhealthy eating habits, it was difficult to stay looking your best.

After ditching meat and focusing on more balanced pescatarian meals, things changed, and fitness became an essential part of her lifestyle. There were no more allergies and sickness in her life. She started consistently going to the gym 2-3 times a week as well as incorporate Yoga, Pilates, and Soul Cycle in her workout routine.

Many people are choosing a pescatarian diet to escape unhealthy living and feel amazing again. A healthy pescatarian diet includes grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and a combination of seafood. The diet is neither a weight loss plan nor a strict diet; rather it is a lifestyle option. Focus on healthy items like olives, whole grainslike quinoa, spicy peppers, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, and other nutritional ingredients.

Sticking to a consistent diet and adapting to a fitness schedule is challenging at first. It takes time to get the hang of it. There will be failures and tough days, but the key is to stick with it even if you have a few false starts. You do see the benefits of the long term especially when you trade in junk food and over-process foods.

Kristen admits that she failed many times over the first couple of years before finding a consistent schedule that worked for her. One of the turning points for her was changing her goal. Originally, she only wanted to lose weight and look good. Now she takes care of her body because she enjoys feeling healthy and everything else takes care of itself.

True beauty can only be achieved when you are healthy on the inside. Kristen encourages people to find a routine that helps them be healthy. For her, it has meant transitioning to a pescatarian way of eating and exercising in different ways that make her body happy.


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