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“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

The philanthropist fashion model Kiara Moon, a stunning combination of beauty and brains, is using the fame she’s earning to make the world a better place. She has not only volunteered in esteemed organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, 12-Step programs like AA/EDA, but has also participated in the Alzheimer’s Walk intended to raise awareness for the victims. The young, passionate, vivacious and budding model, Moon, is an icon for young girls who desire to make a mark in this ruthless world of high fashion modeling.  

As she wades through the challenges in her career, the young Turk Moon shares some insight for wannabe models, inspiring them to rule the roost and rise like a Phoenix!

Embrace Your Uniqueness

A person who follows their dreams is worth their weight in gold. “I embrace my creative, artistic side, and this profession allows me to flourish in that aspect,” she says.

Have confidence in YOU

The less you worry about approval and acceptance, the better off you will be. “I’ve always been a free spirit and marched to the beat of my own drums,” she asserts. If you believe in yourself and feel confident in yourself, you can do anything.

March Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

Building a modeling career takes time, effort, and dedication. 

“This specific career path also challenges me to step out of my comfort zone,” says Moon. A model must be strong-minded and resilient to navigate the chaotic waters of this high-paced, ever-evolving, and fiercely competitive fashion industry. 


“Learn to be more technologically inclined, since almost everything is now web-based,” says Moon. Every day is a fashion show, and the world is the runway. As technology surges into the fashion industry with increasing popularity, there will be a parallel trend of syndicates considering a model’s online audience and followers on social media.

Keep Fit!

Take care of your skin, hair, body, and health. Like it or not, beauty and appearance are anchors in an aesthetically-driven industry. “I enjoy training at the gym, practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness,” shares Moon. Looking and feeling your best will benefit you not only professionally but also personally.


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