In the last three decades, nootropics have become a primary method for managing cognitive deficits, boosting memory, creativity, and motivation. In 2018, the smart drug market was valued at around $1.96 billion. However, it is expected to increase by a staggering 13.2% per annum and reach $5.32 billion by 2026.

The fact of the matter is that Artvigil, Waklert, Modalert, and Modvigil have become the go-to choices for consumers. But, the question is, which drug makes up a better choice? Is there a difference, or are they all the same? And most importantly, what makes these products so popular?

This detailed nootropic overview covers how each drug works, how long they last, and more.

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Disclaimer: The outlined content is solely for educational purposes. It does not provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you want to take any of these natural supplements or smart drugs, consult with a doctor beforehand.

How Do Smart Drugs Work?

Although the human brain has 3% of the total body weight, it receives more than 15% of the system’s entire oxygen and blood supply. The only way for the brain to create more energy is to burn excess glucose. Smart drugs are natural supplements that healthy individuals use to boost their mental performance.

According to experts, nootropics act as vasodilators (medications that dilate the blood vessels) to boost circulation, energy, and oxygen flow. Furthermore, each nootropic is designed to be a memory enhancer and a potent brain booster. The products can counteract symptoms of narcolepsy, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), or Alzheimer’s disease.

The chemical compounds in these brand name products are responsible for enhancing mental performance, such as motivation, memory, attention, and concentration. A smart pill alters cognitive properties on a molecular level, which leads to enhanced cognitive performance.

Whether it is the Modalert 200, Modvigil, Waklert, or Artvigil, each smart drug has a distinct level of potency, effects, and price range. Before you decide to buy any drug, you should be aware of the potential side effects, benefits, differences, and similarities.

With this nootropic guide, you will be able to learn all that. Our goal is more than just to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Instead, we offer practical information that you can use for educational purposes.

Modalert Review

  • Drug Status: It is a Schedule IV controlled substance in Australia and the U.S.
  • Effect: Modalert features powerful potency with lasting effects that could last from 12 to 14 hours.
  • Verdict: Modalert 200 has an excellent reputation. Modalert is ideal for consumers who are used to taking smart drugs and need the most potent nootropic on the market.
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Modalert 200mg is the highest quality, best rated, and top-selling Modafinil drug on the market. After reading every Modalert review, it’s clear that most consumers consider Modalert to be a popular product due to its effectiveness. It’s manufactured by SUN Pharma, a highly reputable company. In fact, Modalert 200 has become the favorite nootropic for many consumers.

As compared to Artvigil, Waklert, and Modvigil, many consumers believe Modalert has the highest potency. This best-rated product creates powerful and lasting effects. Modalert drugs benefit the dopamine pathway users experience a positive boost in concentration and learning.

As a result, it makes Modalert a practical option for mental stimulation and for those who want to stay awake longer. But, like most nootropics, consumers can experience adverse effects with long-term Modalert consumption.

Modalert Smart Drug Benefits

  • Strong cognitive improvements
  • Boosts daily productivity and mental cognition
  • Prolonged wakefulness
  • Full-fledged “high” feeling
  • Improves mood, memory, and energy
  • Provides alertness

Potential Modalert Side Effects

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Agitation
  • Nausea
  • Anxiousness
  • Infection of the upper respiratory tract
  • Diarrhea

Although the price to buy the Modalert 200mg pill is relatively higher than the Modvigil 200, it is cheaper than Waklert. On average, you will be spending $0.53 per Modalert blister.

Modalert Dose

The typical Modalert daily dosages can range anywhere from 50mg to 200mg. Sun Pharma manufactures Modalert doses, such as 100mg, 200 mg, and 400 mg.

Interestingly, most people choose the 200 mg Modalert since it is more versatile and practical to consume. However, some individuals are sensitive to the Modalert drug. The trick is to split the 200mg tablet in half for easier consumption.

Here is a complete list of the possible Modalert dosages:

  • 50mg: This is called Modalert micro-dosing and is the smallest dose to consume. It can create potent nootropic effects that could last from 4 to 8 hours. Generally, If the body is new to smart drugs like Modalert, its effects may appear stronger. In fact, many consumers find it easy to fall asleep with this specific dosage.


  • 100mg: Young patients in need of smart drugs prefer a 100 mg Modafinil prescription. It is, however, not a standard Modalert dose but a go-to choice for individuals new to the drug. The Modalert effects can last from 8 to 9 hours, depending on the body’s reaction.


  • 200mg: It is another common dose for Modalert users. The mental, intellectual, and analytical effects can last for a long time and often extend to 10-15 hours.


  • 300mg to 400mg: It classifies as an unhealthy Modalert dose and is inadvisable by medical professionals. Consumers do not have to go higher than a 200 mg dose for a good reason. With a higher intake of Modalert dose, the body will not be able to fall asleep for more than 24 hours. Consequently, this Modalert effect can severely strain the central nervous system and has a high risk of other undesirable effects.

How Long Does Modalert Last?

In healthy individuals, it takes 2 to 3 hours for Modafinil to reach the peak plasma concentrations after one 200 mg dose of Modalert. With 200mg Modalert, people can get 12 to 14 hours of heightened concentration and improved cognitive performance on average. Normally, it takes 15 hours for the effects of Modafinil to wear out.

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Modvigil Review

  • Drug Status: It is a Schedule IV controlled substance in Australia and the U.S.
  • Effect: Offers medicinal benefits with probable risk for abuse.
  • Verdict: It is a much cheaper option than other smart drugs and is less likely to provoke overstimulation.
  • Recommended vendor: BuyModa

Multiple companies produce generic brands of Modafinil, and Modvigil is one of them. It is also a top generic option and as well as an affordable product. HAB Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company, is the sole manufacturer of the drug. The combination of a discounted price and powerful cognitive effects makes it one of the powerful drugs on the market.

Contrary to misguided perception, the generic Modvigil is a “real” Modafinil nootropic. In fact, it is a 100% true Modafinil and has the same active ingredients as Provigil (brand name of Modafinil), which is manufactured by an American company.

However, there are a few differences in terms of testing, quality, and the price between branded and generic brand nootropics. Modvigil uses the exact same ingredients, but the additives and strength of the drug vary.

Consumers who have tried multiple natural supplement products find the Provigil or Modalert 200 to be incredibly stimulating. Mostly, consumers prefer a more subtle effect that Modvigil offers. At its core, Modvigil is a perfect fit for consumers on a tight budget.

The main difference between Provigil, Modalert, and Modvigil is the price. Provigil could cost about 50 times the price you would get from a generic version of Modvigil. Technically, you are paying for the brand.

Fortunately, users don’t have to worry about consuming Modvigil. It comes from a reputable manufacturer that is an ISO-certified production company. The HAB Pharma is also the sole manufacturer of other high-quality generic nootropics that have managed to perform well on the market.

Modvigil Drug Benefits

  • Improves mental agility
  • Accelerates concentration and focus
  • Decreases the need to take breaks during work or studying
  • Removes mental or emotional fatigue for a couple of hours
  • Creates a direct impact on histamine, orexin, dopamine, and norepinephrine production
  • Helps stay alert for longer

Potential Modvigil Side Effects

  • Stomach ache or discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Irritability and emotional instability
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Rash (extremely rare, but possible )

Modvigil comes in 10, 29, 30, and even over 500 tablets per single order. The cost will range from $0.38 to almost $3. In comparison to Modalert, consumers will have to spend around $0.53 per blister. Essentially, you get a much better product at a lower price.

Modvigil Dose

A typical tablet features 200mg Modafinil and users can split the tablet for a 100 mg dose if necessary. With a normal dose, however, most consumers take a single 200mg tablet each day. Also, a 100 mg dose is a preferred alternative for people sensitive to the chemical compounds.

How Long Does Modvigil Last?

The onset of cognitive effects for Modvigil is around 2 hours after taking the generic modafinil. This nootropic reaches its peak in 5 hours and will gradually subside afterward. In 14 hours, most of the substance leaves the system. However, the timeframe may vary depending on the person’s kidney and liver health, body weight, or metabolism.

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Waklert Review

  • Drug Status: It is a Schedule IV controlled substance in Australia and the U.S.
  • Effect: Promotes wakefulness, better cognitive performance, and decreases the tendency to doze off during the day.
  • Verdict: As suggested by the name, Waklert has an amazing potency with strong cognitive effects. However, it doesn’t last as long as a Modalert tablet.
  • Recommended vendor: FreeModafinil

Waklert is another nootropic with an excellent track record. It is a generic version of Armodafinil. Some of Waklert’s key selling features are the impressive cognition boosting properties and efficacy. Although it can’t create long-lasting effects as Modalert, it is still a potent drug. The drug has undergone rigorous testing that makes the product more trustworthy and reliable.

Predominantly, this nootropic is the go-to choice for individuals who want a strong cognitive boost without the need to increase the dosage. Also, the tablet has a relatively short half-life. Consequently, users are less likely to experience issues with sleeping in comparison to Modalert and Modvigil.

In fact, some consumers are even taking the Waklert to manage sleep apnea and narcolepsy. But, it is still possible for users to stay awake long after taking a tablet. It is vital to understand that the drug is designed to fire up the brain and boost motivation, cognition, and energy.

Waklert Smart Drug Benefits

  • May help with restoring a normal sleep cycle
  • Provides a stable energy boost
  • Improves cognition, agility, and mental focus
  • Restores motivation

Potential Waklert Side Effects

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Mood changes

Waklert blisters cost around $0.59, making it the most expensive nootropic on this list. Many consumers can save on costs if they buy when on sale. Even though this generic may not be as popular as Modalert, it has huge potential.

Waklert Dose

Consumers can use Waklert from 50mg to 150mg a day. The recommended dose of Waklert, however, is 150mg a day, while 200m is preferable for Modafinil. In essence, people use the drug to stay awake the next day. Mainly, consumers take a recommended dose in the early morning to get the energy boost throughout the day. Consumers should be cautious to take a high dosage that can cause medical complications. So, it’s critical to stick to the recommended guidelines and avoid the possible side effects.

How Long Does Waklert Last?

The drug effect begins 3 hours after the intake. In 8 hours, the drug will reach its peak and slowly reduce its potency. However, the drug will have some degree of effect until it completely leaves the system entirely.

Although it depends on the user’s metabolism and digestive health, the effects can last anywhere from 2 to 9 hours. However, it will take from 10 to 11 hours for the half-life to fade. It is the main reason for consumers to always take a nootropic around the same time. In addition, it will help minimize the risk of undesirable effects.

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Artvigil Review

  • Drug Status: It is a Schedule IV controlled substance in Australia and the U.S.
  • Effect: It produces similar benefits to Waklert but doesn’t have the exact same potency.
  • Verdict: Artvigil is the cheapest Armodafinil option and a better choice for individuals on a tight budget. However, its potency is not as intense as with Modalert or Modvigil. But it still offers the key benefits that can boost focus, motivation, and cognition.
  • Recommended vendor: BMO

HAB Pharmaceuticals, famous for manufacturing Armodafinil generic versions produces Artvigil pills. . Many consumers use this generic nootropic to get an instant effect. On average, the pill needs 1 to 2 hours to work and provide users with the preferred benefits.

Because of the similar chemical structure, Artvigil creates similar benefits to Waklert. In fact, some consumers find the stimulating properties and heightened focus boost of Waklert too strong.

In such cases, it would be wise to take a step back and get something less intense. For instance, you can get another drug that offers similar benefits and produces the same undesirable effects.

At the moment, many consumers are opting for Artvigil because it is the cheapest Armodafinil generic option. However, when it comes to strong effects, it is not the best option. Nonetheless, Waklert is more superior in terms of potency and a wide array of benefits. In simple terms, Waklert is another suitable drug option for users on a tight budget. However, you can choose to take Waklert for its stronger focus boost.

Artvigil Smart Drug Benefits  

  • Boosts motivation
  • Provides a sufficient amount of cognitive performance
  • Improves agility

Potential Artvigil Side Effects

●      Headaches

●      Anxiety

●      Insomnia

●      Rash

●      Dry mouth

●      Diarrhea

Artvigil blisters can cost around $0.41. It is slightly more expensive than Modvigil, but quite cheaper than Waklert or Modalert.

Artvigil Dose

According to the WebMD review, the Artvigil side effects are quite similar to Waklert. Therefore, the best course of action for consumers would be to stick to the suggested dose. Consumers normally take 150mg to get the most out of Artvigil.

On the other hand, consumers can choose to split the pill and take 75mg. If you are new to nootropics, reducing the dosage may be a great option to avoid any adverse effects.

How Long Does Artvigil Last?

The onset time frame of Artvigil is 2 hours, but it will need around 6 hours to reach its peak. Just like taking Modafinil, this nootropic takes a while to leave the system.

It can take from 14 to 16 hours for the body to remove it from the system completely. It is imperative to understand that the method to consume the nootropic and the state of the metabolic system will determine the possible risk of undesirable effects. Overall, sticking to the recommended dosage should be a top priority.

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Which One Is the Better Pick?

Customer reviews show that the nootropic you select depends on your personal needs and preferences. For example, Modalert is comparatively more potent than other drugs, and the rest are ideal for anyone on a budget.

The key to select the best drug for you would be to review and compare all their benefits and go from there. Remember, each option has something unique to offer that may resonate with your particular taste.

Here is a quick overview of what one may expect.


Modalert smart drug is the most used nootropic on the market and has a high potency and a powerful effect. It is one of the top generic versions of the Modafinil brand across the world.


This nootropic is a perfect fit for consumers on a tight budget. It has a similar potency to the Modalert but comes at a much lower price point. The chemical structure is solid and offers numerous benefits.


This smart drug is another great product under the umbrella of generic Armodafinil. In fact, its Armodafinil substitute is praised for its efficiency, intensity, and convenience. Specifically, it makes a perfect choice for individuals who need to take multiple nootropic doses a week. It is, however,  not as strong as Modalert, but has the same desired effect.


Artvigil is famous for its Known affordability and makes the desired effect for users who want to improve their sleeping routines. Consumers use Artvigil as a replacement ofWaklert, which comes with intense effects.

It would be a good idea to try out various options to find the best fit. For beginners, the less intense options can become a solid starting point.

Smart Drug Interactions and Side Effects

From a consumer’s review perspective, Armodafinil and Modafinil create minimal side effects so long as consumers take the proper amount. The recommended dose for Modafinil is around 100mg to 200mg, while Armodafinil dosage can range from 100mg to 150mg.

For those who want to self-administer a nootropic, such as Modalert, it is possible to experience some risks and safety concerns. It makes all the more reason to learn about the safety basics of Armodafinil and Modafinil to minimize its risks.

A doctor may prescribe smart drugs, and Modalert like many others, can address any sleep disorders (narcolepsy or Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD), drowsiness, ADHD, and to fight Alzheimer’s. Consumers are advised not to take the products for treating any medical condition without consulting with a medical professional first.

Research has found that consumers who take Armodafinil or Modafinil tablets can experience a boost in brain function. However, those who use either Armodafinil or Modafinil can also be at risk of impulsive behaviors, mood changes, and risky sexual behavior.

Most people who rely on Armodafinil or Modafinil for brain power don’t have any serious medical issues. In fact, they are healthy individuals who consume the product as a cognitive stimulant. However, individuals who suffer from an illness use Armodafinil or Modafinil for conditions like narcolepsy or ADHD.

Luckily, smart drug side effects and interactions with other medications are rare. However, people who take blood pressure medications should have a minimal or high intake of these products.

In hindsight, Modafinil is largely a safe nootropic option to use. However, an ideal usage should take place under the supervision of a professional doctor to treat sleep disorders.

Patients with sleep problems and stress at work usually react well to 200 mg Modafinil. However, everyone’s body is different. Therefore, it is difficult to predict what kind of effects each nootropic can cause. Plus, it is hard to pinpoint whether or not it will pose a health risk to certain individuals.

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Modafinil Medical Studies

One particular study took a closer look into the effects of a 200 Modafinil dosage in patients. Apart from the diagnosis of the sleep disorder, the volunteers were physically healthy. Some volunteers experienced undesirable effects like headaches and mild nausea, while others noticed the positive effects of Modafinil at work. Although the side effects were short and mild, it’s still critical to use Modafinil for the right reasons.

That said, only healthy consumers use nootropics without a prescription. Furthermore, they don’t have to use it for an extended period. All the statistics published highlight that Armodafinil and Modafinil are safe. However, more research is necessary to understand their mechanism, chemical structure, and potential side effects.

A Korean toxicology report found that Modafinil has fewer side effects than psychostimulants (i.e., cocaine and amphetamine). As a result, consumers can use the nootropic as an anti-fatigue agent. However, there is insufficient information on the Modafinil waking mechanism, creating a potential risk for addiction and abuse. With improper usage, it could interfere with the immune and impair the stress response system.

Conversely, individuals who want to use a nootropic to avoid falling asleep during the day and enhance their focus and motivation can obtain numerous benefits. The key to proper usage is control. Using too high or too low amounts will not create the desired benefits for consumers. Instead, extremely high amounts can render more harm than good.

As previously mentioned, nootropics are viewed as fairly safe with minor health risks and side effects. Overall, they are not supposed to cause too much harm or damage health. Currently, there are no reports of anyone dying from a Modafinil side effect or overdose. Compared to some of the other drugs on the market, this seems like a league above the rest.

NOTE: The goal of the information is not to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Instead, consumers should use relevant information strictly for educational purposes.

Where to Buy Modafinil?

Consumers are replacing the time-consuming trip to the pharmacy with a single click of a button. People buy Modafiniland generic brands from online vendors out of convenience. It’s faster and beats the pharmacy queues.

For users, the choice to buy a 200mg generic tablet online is a much easier option than to get a prescription. Today, many online websites sell these nootropics, but only a handful create genuine supplies you can depend on.

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Here users get only the highest quality smart pills from reputable manufacturers. In some countries, consumers can buy a specific quantity of Modafinil without a prescription. For example, Thailand does not have any prescription restrictions that allow users to buy the 200mg tablet effortlessly.

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They offer excellent-grade smart drugs with express shipping. Consumers can buy in bulk at low prices. They also offer international shipping to countries like Australia, the U.K, U.S., Canada, etc.

When it comes to fair prices and variety, makes for an excellent online vendor. The users can shop at reasonable prices. This vendor values quality and sells only the bestsellers in the smart drug industry.

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Free Modafinil | Visit is another online vendor where people can try and expect excellent customer satisfaction and top-quality smart drugs. With an extensive range of available products, you can count on guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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The online vendors listed on are the best on the market. They are legal, safe, and value your privacy. They have also incorporated the essential safety measures to make the buying process easier for consumers. Again, consumers are opting for their services since it beats going to an actual pharmacy. Furthermore, these online vendors are familiar with big pharmaceutical chains. So, you are getting an excellent variety of products.

Besides, online buying is all about availability. The goal of vendors is to provide consumers with a better medicine choice from the convenience of their homes. Naturally, consumers should not feel the need to travel far to reach a pharmacy. With, the ease of access and affordable prices stand out the most.

In the online marketplace, you can get much better deals on products. The nootropics tend to get discounts or go on sale. Therefore, you can save plenty of bucks along the way. It is an ideal alternative for anyone on a budget.

Consumers who have had the chance to buy nootropics before can choose an online vendor to avail easy and instant access to product information. Ideally, consumers can get more resourceful and updated information on a website than what they can get at a pharmacy. Plus, it gives the consumers peace of mind and a sense of reassurance about the purchased medicines.

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