Mo Kumarsi: A Trusted Industry Advisor and Expert

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Mentorship is a great art that has seen people and industries scale to great heights. Mentorship from career experts helps us align our goals with the current market needs and lay down the right strategies to fill a market niche.

Mo Kumarsi, co-founder and CEO of REV3AL, is an advisor in the blockchain and crypto space and is making a name for himself in this industry. However, he didn’t start at the top; he began from somewhere at the bottom, just like many industry leaders. Mo, an Iranian native, grew up in a humble background, and life wasn’t easy. He started as a dishwasher and then washed and sold cars. An ambitious dreamer, Mo also started many different businesses, including those in cleaning, advertising, and business marketing. He kept dreaming and working hard to live a successful life.

Mo believes in the power of teamwork. Through teamwork, companies achieve significant milestones, prompting him to establish collaboration in his businesses by bringing the best teams together to do the job. His persistence and undying spirit to excel have helped him become an industry leader and advisor in crypto.

Mo has more than 15 years of startup and business development experience. Over the last ten years, he has managed and led teams globally; he has climbed the career ladder to become a thought leader and educator and continually provided value to enhance projects through strategic relationships.

Today, he has scaled to become the co-founder and CEO of REV3AL and has been an advisor in the blockchain and crypto space to several disruptive technological innovators. In the Web3 space, where he thrives, he has advised dozens of companies, including Power Ledger, CoinPayments, ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs. In addition, he has helped companies scale their market and find strategic partners, which has seen these companies grow to greater heights.

Besides his career as an expert in the crypto space, Mo is a philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community. He has helped many people change their lives and finances through sales and crypto. In addition, his spiritual aspect has also played a significant role in his giving back to the community. He leads a group of young brothers in his community and does a lot of volunteer work, and he is proud of the people they have helped through these church programs.

Working with people around the globe requires grit and a growth mindset and can sometimes become challenging. “It can be challenging adapting to everybody’s needs at times, dealing with many different companies, different people, different psychologies, and mindsets. So it’s been very interesting dealing with that,” he said. Mo added that his busy schedule with people across the globe eventually negatively affected his health. “Recently, I began getting serious about my health again, and now I’m in the best shape of my life.”

Mo believes that teaching people early enough to achieve their desired success is necessary, and with the right mindset, nothing is impossible. A spiritual person, Mo attributes his success to his spirituality, which has given him a lot of innovation and inspiration.

Mo is focused on growing his coaching and public speaking. He aspires to continue changing many people’s lives and finances through his leadership and mentorship.

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