Mindfulness, Meditation, and Motivation: Tyler Brown’s Wake Me Up Podcast is the Morning Routine You Need


Tyler Brown is the host and creator of the Wake Me Up Podcast; the number one morning routine podcast. His ingenuity could eliminate the need for a snooze button.

Tyler Brown was guilty of hitting the snooze button one too many times, so he created a one-of-a-kind podcast to provide a guided morning routine. His Wake Me Up Podcast is now the #1 Meditation and Mindfulness Podcast of 2020 by Developing Good Habits, as well as being rated one of the top 10 morning podcasts by the Podcast Alarm App, and has also been featured on Apple Podcast’s New Shows for Health & Fitness.

Following in the trend of those who sought out happiness despite having seemingly achieved high levels of success, Brown left his job as a high-level Lawyer, to focus on making sleep content for those who struggle with it. In doing so, he came across a niche that hadn’t been cornered by the market yet – morning routine content. “There’s not a piece of content to guide people through a morning routine,” he says, speaking from his home in North Carolina. “We’re hardwired to look at our phones,” and he wanted to hack that for something more positive.

Brown shared his story with me, along with his insights into the uniqueness of his Wake Me Up Podcast.

Sarshar: You left your job as a Lawyer in 2018 to transition into content creation in the podcast and mobile app space. What was the motivation behind the mindfulness content you’ve created?

Tyler: I personally have struggled with being productive and focused in my mornings and I have found through personal experience that when I do control my surroundings (i.e. the first 30 minutes or so of the day), my day is exponentially better. And so, I was making content and I just realized there’s nobody making anything for the morning. I decided to do it as a podcast because it’s free for people to listen to, and it’s widely accessible.

Sarshar: Were you surprised by people’s reaction to your career transition?

Tyler: When I told people (over social media) I was quitting being a lawyer, more people hit me up in response to that than I’ve ever been hit up for a birthday. People began to confide in me that they wish they could do the same. I was amazed at how many people shared their unhappiness with me, yet seemed unable or unwilling to pursue what they loved. I wanted to create a show that would encourage people to make the most of their days and chase their dreams. Wake Me Up is designed to give listeners the tools and positive support to do just that.

Sarshar: What is unique about Wake Me Up?

Tyler: Wake Me Up is the #1 morning routine podcast. The show blends mindfulness, stretching/yoga, positivity, and motivation to help listeners prepare their minds and bodies for an amazing day.

It’s designed to guide you through the morning. There isn’t anything else that gets you out of bed, and leads you through the first 15 minutes of your day. The show encourages you to have a better day, but on a much grander scale. That’s what sets it apart.

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Sarshar: How do you plan on growing the podcast?

Tyler: Long-term consistency. Wake Me Up is like the core of a much larger network of doing more positive things in the world. The main thing is to keep helping people have good mornings.

Sarshar: How essential is it to start the day with a guided routine?

Tyler: I was reading a study this past week on 200 successful people, and a commonality was that they all had some kind of morning routine. There’s something really powerful in having a moment of quiet before the storm of the day; plan the direction of it, and get your head on straight. It goes a long way.

Sarshar: What do you mean when you say you’d like “to go full Bob Ross?”

Tyler: It means to try and put out good vibes for as long as I possibly can. This is my gift to the world.

Tyler Brown is the host and creator of the Wake Me Up Podcast, which he began in January 2020. It is the #1 morning routine podcast and uses meditation, mindfulness, and motivation to help listeners start their day in the best possible way.

Having trouble getting up in the morning? Search for Wake Me Up in your favorite podcast player, or visit https://wakemeuppodcast.com/ and start your day off right.

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