MimiV Emerges as One of Today’s Most Promising Young Stars as She Showcases Her Dancing and Singing Prowess

Discovering one’s true passion is one of the most pivotal moments any person can have. Although not everyone can find something that sparks joy and stirs inspiration, those who have can attest to the wonders such a significant event has brought into their lives. In the case of Miah Velasquez, who is more prominently known as MimiV her love for dancing is what keeps her going. Since kicking off her career, this eleven-year-old firecracker has been unstoppable at entertaining others with her amazing talent and skills.

As someone who has always been passionate about the arts, MimiV already knew that she was destined for the entertainment and music industry. With her remarkable gift, she has captured the world’s attention and branded herself as one of today’s most promising young stars. Indeed, much can be expected from this brilliant individual as she slowly dominates the field of dancing.

MimiV started dancing when she was only three years old. In the beginning, she tried exploring different dance styles. She eventually realized that her signature dance moves are leaning towards hip-hop. Her support system motivated her to hone her skills and fuel her drive towards her craft.

Aside from dancing, MimiV also dabbled into modeling. She even walked down the runway during the New York Fashion Show for Sherry Hill, Nancy Vuu and many other designers. She also dipped her toes into acting and was able to book her first film at the age of seven alongside Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried, and Cedric the Entertainer. The young star’s first television commercial aired during the 2020 Grammy’s as a featured Dancer for MasterCard.

In addition to her long list of past experiences, MimiV has worked as a professional dancer for some TV shows like Game of Talents hosted by Wayne Brady on Fox. She’s also worked as a Dancer for Long Island Nets/Brooklyn Nets, KidzBop and Acapop Kids. In fact, she is on the elite roster of talent at The Lab Studios in Los Angeles and an artist/singer in training.

With the release of her second song called “Silly Ways,” which was produced by Jason D. Harris, MimiV has made her mark in the music industry. She got to travel to Cartagena, Colombia, to work on her first collaboration with Kymani Florez. The “Silly Ways Remix” official music video, directed by Toti Vega, was filmed during the trip. Her new music is available on her YouTube channel.

On top of making significant waves in the music scene, MimiV also launched a new merch line called BKOOL, a trending clothing line geared towards helping other kids who aspire to become stars in their respective fields.

MimiV has been featured as a rising star choreographer for Lollipop Theatre Network, a company bringing current movies and entertainment to hospitalized children nationwide. When she is not busy dancing, she likes to spend time helping others and spreading kindness worldwide. Her most recent project, #MimiCares, aims to collect money from her friends/family members to buy shoes and dance gear for a whole dance team in Kenya.

As can be gleaned from her flourishing career, MimiV proves that being young is not a deterrent to achieving success in an industry dominated by established personalities. As a little girl with big dreams, this go-getter envisions herself becoming a professional choreographer and a studio owner.

LA Weekly