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Today, Andrew is a young millennial who took a big, yet calculated, risk and went all-in on becoming a professional gamer, earning him a small fortune. He now has branched out and has gotten involved in helping other aspiring gamers achieve the level of success he has. Thanks to becoming a professional gamer in the world of e-sports, he was able to quit his 9-5 job and spend his days playing the latest first-person shooter (FPS) games. He has also been offering advice on how to go about being a part of the e-sports gaming revolution.

There are thousands of video games today. That’s due to how much passion, money, and popularity there is in the world of gaming. However, many of those games are not worth playing to go pro due to them being akin to vaporware that is buggy or boring. Selecting the best game to become a pro at when embarking on the road of becoming a professional gamer will take careful research.

What Andrew recommends is a few things. Here are the things you should look for when making your decision:

  • Look for a Strong Community

When a game has a strong, vibrant, and large community behind it, you can see that people are passionate about it. They believe that the game is worth playing and dedicating large amounts of their time towards. Take a look at a game’s Reddit or Discord community to get a sense of how strong the community is. Make sure the game has a large enough community so that there will be enough professional gamers to compete against.

  • Select a Game You Love

Besides a strong community, you have to actually love and enjoy the game. Otherwise, you won’t feel incentivized to keep playing it. It will be easier for you to improve at a game you genuinely like. Most of your free time will be filled with playing the game, so make sure you are picking something that you won’t get bored with. Whatever game you pick, make sure it’s on the e-sports tour.

  • Practice As Much As Possible

Practice makes perfect. Andrew would dedicate every moment he could to practicing and honing his skills. Going pro requires you to dedicate 4-5 hours a day, or even more on weekends. You won’t be able to beat out the competition if you’re just playing a couple of hours a week. After all, you need to be better than millions of other gamers.

These are all components of Andrew’s process and formula for success. He recommends these as the bare minimum. The tips he shares will definitely help you become a professional gamer like him. However, there is no guarantee that you will unlock the success he has. It’s become a highly competitive industry. Yet, with a great deal of practice, dedication, perseverance, and determination, you can enjoy the success Andrew has.

There are millions of success stories like Andrew’s today. With his helpful advice, you may become one of them.

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