Military to Entrepreneur: Meet Dan Ashburn, Amazon Entrepreneur and Founder of Titan Network

Dan Ashburn entered the military with a natural-born talent to lead. But this trait wasn’t the only one that helped him succeed in life. Upon departure from military service, Ashburn combined his leadership knowledge with a love of all things technology and began a highly successful eCommerce business, the Titan Network.

Today, Ashburn is one of the leading Amazon entrepreneurs in the business. He works to share the knowledge that led to his success with a new batch of eCommerce entrepreneurs. Titan Network, his most recent endeavor, is a mentorship opportunity for new Amazon business owners. Through the network, Ashburn shares the secret of his success with his clients, allowing them to scale their businesses quickly and help skyrocket their sales.

Getting Started as an Amazon Entrepreneur

Ashburn, who grew up in the United Kingdom, had a knack for technology and was only 13 years old when he successfully created his first website. Even at such a young age, he knew it was the vessel that would define his future success.

“That was in the early days of SEO,” he said, “I had a technical geek inside me. I was hooked on this idea that the entrepreneurial sky was limitless when it came to creating money and wealth.”

He dabbled within the technological world throughout his teenage years, learning how to work with Amazon associates, SEO rankings, and e-book marketing. When he took a detour into the British Air Force, he didn’t expect that his training there would make him even more technologically competent.

“After I conquered basic training, I went through communications school, and it solidified my technical ability,” he said, “We did all the Windows courses, networking courses, and radar.”

Ashburn was good at it and easily surpassed the military’s minimum standards, stating, “I set the first 100% score on the Windows exam, which I was very proud of.” But after more than four years in the military, he had to make a difficult decision. Would he stay in the military and train as an officer or follow his dreams?

Entrepreneurship and Mentorship

Ashburn chose to stick with the plan to become a business owner and has no regrets. Since 2014, along with his friend, John, he has launched more than 200 websites and 600 SEO campaigns.

“The last few years have been a whirlwind,” Ashburn said, “I got a name for myself in the Amazon community quite quickly because there weren’t many guys like me around with the technical skills, strategic skills, and the experience to back it up,”

His success within the community came with requests to speak at events all over the world. Although he enjoyed his accomplishments, he couldn’t help but feel like something was missing.

Along the journey, Ashburn linked up with Athena Severi, who wanted to organize entrepreneurs into a networking community that could grow together with the help of mentorship. Ashburn, who was already doing coaching events, saw the potential in combining her magnetism with his expertise. From this mashup, Titan Network was born.

Making Mentoring Work

With Severi’s ability to network and combine communities, Ashburn found a pathway to reach the most motivated entrepreneurs in the business. And in helping others build their own success, the two have found a community. Severi says,

“We bring people back to life; we give them family,” Severi said. “We are so much more than just a business.”

The team is looking to the future of Titan Network, and keeping the brands they build continually successful is an enormous part of the plan. Clients join the network and work together through four stages of business development.

“I’m a big believer in standing behind what you do and standing by the results of the brands I personally generate and am partnered in,” said Ashburn. “Titan is definitely doing that in more ways than one, financially and with life goals.”

They have a lot for which they can be proud. Titan has already built success for a plethora of entrepreneurs and, according to Ashburn, “There were a lot of ups and downs, triumphs, and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in various experiences and products to get to where I am today.” He added, “That’s the journey. Now Titan Network is one of the largest networks of experienced sellers that I know of, and we really are redefining strategy and what it means to be successful in this business.”

About Dan Ashburn

Dan Ashburn is an industry-leading Amazon entrepreneur with a team that delivers 8-figures in annual sales. Having used his ambitious and entrepreneurial mindset to build countless brands, he has become a sought-after speaker, inspiring crowds with his leadership and depth of knowledge on stages across the world. Dan is the Head Mentor on China Magic, the co-creator of Amazing Selling Machine, and most recently, the co-founder of Titan Network, an exclusive membership organization for elite Amazon sellers. For more information on Dan and Titan Network, please visit:

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