It’s no longer a secret that every sector of the economy is moving from the traditional landscape to the modern ways. The entry of the internet, especially social media, has dramatically impacted how business is being done today. Such a move has left many businesses struggling while others have adapted and come out on top. The real estate industry has not been left behind either; the market has also shifted to the digital space disrupting the archaic way of doing business. Mike Sherrard, a licensed Realtor and group leader at eXp Realty, has been in the industry for a few years and has witnessed many changes.

Mike Sherrard is a top real estate entrepreneur, content creator, and social media coach. He created the Social Agent Academy, a 7-figure per year online training program where he shows Realtors how to scale their real estate business using modern technology. Mike loves teaching how to embrace omnipresent social media strategies and was recognized as the top Realtor on social media in Calgary and Alberta. His other ventures include a marketing, branding, and video content repurposing agency High Converting Content that works with entrepreneurs across various industries. He also runs one of the top YouTube Channels related to social media for real estate agents.

Despite coming from an engineering background,Mike has been able to scale exponentially and create a multiple 7-figure business within his first four years in the real estate industry. He was doing very well initially in real estate, but his revolution started when he uncovered the importance of leveraging social media to build your own business. He is currently recognized as one of the top social media coaches for Realtors in North America, and has helped thousands of agents scale their business by leveraging social media strategies and building their personal brand. He enjoys a massive social media following with over 23K followers on Instagram.

To Mike, the real estate industry is ripe for disruption and is in dire need of modernization. It is the modern strategies running the show, and you need to adopt them if you want to scale your business. Digital marketing has moved real estate from knocking on doors to taking advantage of the online space. Most of the traffic he receives on his Website emanates from social media platforms. Mike insists that modern real estate cannot survive on offices alone. Having a solid online presence is more important and impactful for your business.

One unique aspect of modern strategies is the provision for instant gratification. Humans are naturally wired with the desire for immediate satisfaction. Social media platforms have made it easier to provide instant feedback, something that the archaic industry lacked. Essentially, the current generation of millennials thrive off immediate feedback, and that’s what the modern strategies are offering.

Mike urges traditional, old-school agents not to shy away from the modern ways but instead to embrace them. He emphasizes the importance of trust in the online space as everyone is a potential client. Furthermore, marketing is essentially all about referrals and networking. He is acknowledged on YouTube for being the most authentic, transparent, and honest realtor compared to the other creators.

Mike is also available on Facebook, where you can get more information about his services.

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