Mike K. Partners with AIM Hospitality Group, Running Events in New York

Mike K LA Weekly

Mike K. has recently partnered with AIM Group, thriving in his new environment among New York’s elite as an influential figure in the party scene.

Mike K. graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in finance and business law. The degree provided him with plenty of opportunities, and Mike had no shortage of job prospects. He would eventually take a position at Merrill Lynch (now branded as Merrill), an American investment management and wealth management division of the Bank of America. During the day, Mike worked with the company, but he took a side job promoting nightclubs.

Although it was only a side gig, Mike found he was very good at promoting. So he started building up his name, slowly growing into a large business where he could market nightclubs and bars while organizing his own events and concerts. As Mike grew his knowledge and gained more connections, he realized the potential for the business and started devoting himself to his new endeavor.

When Mike entered the bar business, he leveraged his extensive database of clients and knowledge of marketing and events, opening his first venue, Hidden Lane, in the fall of 2019. Hidden Lane is a two-floor bar with an outdoor garden in Union Square. He then used his marketing expertise to ensure the venue remained busy and packed with events every week. Additionally, he used his experience in the financial sector to help crush the number and get COGS and other expenses as low as possible to maximize the revenue and profits for the venue.

While Mike K. is best known for his knowledge in marketing and finances, he is also renowned for his hospitality to ensure that all managers, bartenders, waiters, security, and staff are trained to properly execute top-notch hospitality and minimize potential issues. In addition, his hospitality extends to reaching out to all neighbors and making sure there is no excessive noise or disturbances from the patrons of the bars, ensuring the venue is in line and exceeding community standards.

Towards the end of 2020, Mike once again utilized his operational and marketing skill set to open his first restaurant, Temakase. The venue is a Japanese hand roll bar concept that can be found in the East Village. Although the pandemic was running its early course, the venue was able to stay profitable. Today, Temakase has a location in Long Island City with plans of expanding branches in Tribeca and Hollandale in Florida.

Last year, Mike again delved into entrepreneurship when he opened up Byrds Bar across the Barclays center alongside Victor Robey. Byrds is known for its fried chicken and waffles, with many labeling the restaurant to have the best in New York City, showcasing amazing southern food with a northern twist.

“I am very hands-on with all my businesses, right down to the very purchasing of the building,” explained Mike.

Since starting his endeavor, Mike K. has established his name as an events promoter, marketing entrepreneur, bar, lounge, and restaurant owner. He currently serves as a partner at AIM Hospitality Group, which generates $5 million annually, running events in NTC, the Hamptons, and Miami. Having made a significant impact in New York, Mike hopes to take his influence further, controlling the vibe of all nightlife from coast to coast.

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