Mike Infante Joins the Cast in New Movie, “Pimpin Ain’t Easy”

Films are not just a medium to escape reality but also works of art that connect with our souls. Some films have stood the test of time to become classics not just because of their heart-warming storylines but also because of the actors who brought their characters to life on screen. Film lovers have always admired high-caliber actors, and now a new name will make it onto this list: Mike Infante. Mike is a young talent from Sacramento with cerebral palsy who inspires audiences with his acting skills. Mike’s upcoming movie, Pimpin Ain’t Easy, is already creating a buzz in the entertainment space for its fascinating storyline and Mike’s passionate acting.

As a talented actor, Mike has never let his disability get in the way of his dreams. He went on to hone his craft, getting into his character’s skin to tell stories that touch millions of hearts. Versatility is his forte, and Mike loves to bring variety to his craft. He is a SAG-AFTRA member and has won two wheelchair bodybuilding shows. Mike wants people to know that anything is possible no matter who you are and what disability you may have—you can always dream big and achieve it.

Mike’s upcoming movie Pimpin Ain’t Easy is his passion project. Pimpin Ain’t Easy is a comedy-drama with an all-star cast, including many Sacramento natives and top influencers like HypeBoii, Cobyjdn, Iamsaucee, and Sianna Gerard. The film is Zakius Boquet’s directorial debut and is also written by him. Pimpin Ain’t Easy is produced by Sizin Films and Wastrel Society. It has an interesting storyline based on real-life issues and people’s struggles. Pimpin Ain’t Easy is about a woman who has a history of being abused and now works as a pimp.

Pimpin Ain’t Easy is also a story about a man struggling to make ends meet. He is forced to do things he never thought he would. The plot reveals how the paths of these two characters cross in a unique way as they try to find themselves. The filming of Pimpin Ain’t Easy started in October 2022 and is expected to hit the big screen in California this year. Mike is excited about the reaction to the film and his acting skills.

Mike was last seen on screen in 2022 when he played the character of Austin in The Other Room. The movie featured a talented cast comprising actors from the Bay area and a few Sacramento locals. It also featured up-and-coming entrepreneurs, especially black-owned businesses, as a way to support different minority groups. The idea behind this was to get the word out there and support one another to grow.

As an actor, Mike has always focused on scripts with solid storylines that connect with people or a community. Pimpin Ain’t Easy is no exception. As the movie hits the big screen, Mike is set to work on another project this year where he can add a new dimension to his talent. He would like to continue his journey in film, inspiring people with both his real-life story and those of his characters.

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