Midocommerce’s Andres Corona on What it Takes to Run a Successful Amazon Store

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The number of active sellers on Amazon is continuously growing. According to Statista and Marketplace Pulse, since 2019 it has increased from 2.2 million sellers to 9.7 million. However, few sellers actually run successful e-commerce stores. Less than one in ten active sellers on Amazon are able to maintain annual sales above the $100,000 mark, and just about 1% have hit the $1 million sales mark.

There are, however, outliers to these bleak statistics. Among them is the team behind Midocommerce, an Account Automation Service provider that’s sold over $10 million worth of products for their customers, and around $700,000 of their own. In this article, Midocommerce founder Andres Corona reveals the recipe for their success.

Bitten by the e-Commerce Bug

Born and raised in Venezuela, Andres Corona had to begin his hustle after losing his father at a young age. He started selling protein shakes for people who trained at his neighborhood gym, but it wasn’t long before he was bitten by the e-Commerce bug.

He started to buy healthcare and sports products in Venezuela and he sold them in the US for profit. After making his first six figures from a company called 24 Global Health, Corona realized e-commerce wasn’t just his first love, but it was his one true love. It was the business he wanted to develop for the long-term.

From there, he partnered with his friend Eberths Perozo to establish their own Amazon store. After a steep learning curve, they hit $286,000 in sales. That was when Andres Corona realized that if they could generate such great results for themselves, they could probably do the same for others as well.

“We realized we could help other people make money through e-commerce,” Corona says. “And instead of simply teaching them how to do it, we thought we’d just automate the process for them.”

Thus, Midocommerce was born.

At present, Midocommerce offers two main programs: their full-service automation services — for those who have the capital but not the time and energy to run their store by themselves — and a full course for those who don’t have the money to automate their shops or who need guidance but still want to run their shops hands-on.

Twin Challenges for Amazon Sellers

After eight years of running his own Amazon shop and helping other shop owners reach their sales targets through Midocommerce, Andres Corona has identified two main reasons many people fail at Amazon.

The first is that many people put too much time and energy into creative advertising instead of playing to the strengths of the platform. “You don’t actually need to do any product advertising on Amazon, unless you have a brand that you want to skyrocket,” Corona explains. “Amazon is a platform that helps those who work well with them. If you publish the right products and do great product research, the algorithm will help your listing get more exposure.”

And the second reason? Corona says it’s a lack of consistency. “Way too many sellers are inconsistent,” says Andres Corona. “They call one or two suppliers and just choose the first deal they hear. You can’t stop there. You have to keep going. You have to be super consistent about this. After all, if this was an easy business, everyone would do it.”

Through Midocommerce’s automation services and educational courses, Corona hopes to help more sellers overcome these twin challenges. Each time a seller manages to join the top ranks of Amazon sellers thanks to Midocommerce, it’s a success not just for the seller, but for Andres Corona and Midocommerce as well.

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