Tim Heidecker: The Driest Comedian Anna Kendrick: Girl on Fire Tyrese Gibson: One-Man Band
Jonny Hwang: The Man Who Invented 626 Night Market Eve Irvine: Hail to the (Police) Chief George Takei: He Boldly Goes
Anna Greer and Tina Stormberg: The Dog Show Girls Tony Dominguez: The Pinata King Chelsea Peretti: The Awkward Comedian
Jessie Andrews: The Porn Star Next Door Bobak Ferdowsi: The JPL Mohawk Guy Janice Min: The Hollywood Reporter's Editor
Victoria Justice: The Kids' Choice Frankie Eder: The 13-year-old DJ Carla Esparza: The Girl Who Could Kick Your Ass
Elayne Boosler: For the Love of Lassie The Fung Brothers: The O.G.s of the SGV Omar Gonzalez: The Galaxy Defender
Natashia Deon: A Novelist, At Last Asa Soltan Rahmati: The Persian Pop Priestess Heather Shaw: The Futurist Designer
Mahssa Taghinia: The Record Keeper Davy Rothbart: He's a Fool for Love Margot Ocañas: A Voice for Pedestrians
John Dabiri: The Jellyfish Genius Melissa Barak: The Rebel Ballerina Justin Smith: The Heavy Metal Professor
Jennifer Lee: The Hotshot Screenwriter Morihiro Onodera: The Chef Throws Pots Ana Martinez: The Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Girl
Rocio Camacho: The Goddess of Mole Smiley Stevens and Philippa Price: The Heights of Fashion Jose Tanaka: The Flamenco Guitarist
Coley King: The Doctor Bikes to Work Rita Gonzalez: The Art Curator Simon Lewis: A Hollywood Survivor
Jenna Chong: The Hand Model Prince Gomolvilas: One-of-a-Kind Playwright Alicia Estrada: Stop Staring! Fashionista
Hyongsoon Kim: The Koreatown Advocate Jennifer Klausner: The Pedal Pusher Sam Nassrouie: The Persian Private Eye
Sean-Z: The Alt-Comic Geek Eloise Klein Healy: L.A.'s Poet Laureate Armando Gonzalez: The Skate Shopkeeper
Rob Weiss: The Sex-Addiction Therapist Pablo Alvarado: The Man Who Organized Day Laborers Jorge Cham: The Overeducated Cartoonist
Tim Walker: The Grilled Cheese King Laura Owens: The Painter Shrikanth Narayanan: USC's People Reader
Heather Taylor: The Tastemaker Doron Ofir: The King of Reality TV Casting  


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