Matt Kemp: The Slugger Carrie Fisher: The Hollywood Princess Adam Lambert: The Pop Idol
Aubrey Plaza: The Funny Girl Shorty Rossi: The Pit Bull Whisperer Alice Shin: The Social Media Guru
Jonny Coffin: The Guitar Slinger Bill Simmons: The Last Word in Sports Kota Wade: The Underage Impresario
Ricardo Diaz and Armando DeLaTorre: The Guisados Guys Sue Falsone: The Trailblazer Keith Black: The Brain Surgeon
Liz McDuffie: The Cannabis Coach RJ Mitte: The Good in Breaking Bad Gary Menes: The Pop-Up Artist
Benjamin Millepied: The Celebrity Choreographer Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani: The Comedy Nerds Liz Meriwether: The Queen of Quirk
Gill Boyd: The Teaching Chef Matt Barkley: The Quarterback Jenna Marbles: The YouTube Star
Jessica St. Clair: The Hipster Quipster Dennis Hedgecock: The Oyster Lover Joon Lee: The Jazz Junkie
Katy Goodman: The Breakup Artist Li Fellers: The Private Dick Phil Pavel: The Ringmaster
Meg Gill: The Brewmaster Peter Diamandis: The Big Thinker Pilar Diaz: The Spanglish Singer
Franklin Sirmans: The Contemporary Curator Lauren Faust: The Brony Wrangler Jeana Sohn: The Closet Voyeur
Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger: The Wunderkinds Gaby Moreno: The Cross-Cultural Chanteuse Adam Lisagor: The Video Guru
David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim: The Dollmakers Raul Ortega: The Taquero Paula Daniels: The Environmentalist
Bert Chan: The Tapping Queen Mark "Fightshark" Miller and Shelby "Belfast" Jones: The Fighter and His Cornerwoman Allison Anders: The Sundance Survivor
Kelli Sager: The First Amendment Warrior Varun Soni: The Spiritual Journeyman Denise Hunter: The First Lady
Dan Goods: The Space Man Kit Quinn and Tallest Silver: The Gender-Bending Superheroes Peter Wallerstein: The Sea Lion Savior
Jay McAdams and Debbie Devine: The Gringo Impresarios Michelle Miller: The Shooting Guard Christy Roberts: The Guerrilla Johnny Appleseed
Nyesha Arrington: The Island Girl Govind Armstrong: The Kid in the Kitchen Caroline Roman and Lauren Brokaw: The Society Bloggers
Alice Bag: The Punk Trailblazer Mayita Dinos: The Pied Piper of Xeriscape Lalo Alcaraz: The Mordant Mexican
Luis Rodriguez: The Memoirist Andreas Mitisek: The Opera Adventurer Hit Boy: The Beat Master
Rosie Mercado: The Model of Confidence


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