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What is the goal of Yoganandance?

The future is community, especially since Covid. YOGANANDANCE, 360 Immersive Musical’s goal is to unite the local businesses and local communities weekly for a Sunday gathering to sing, pray, eat, and get together in the spirit of peace. The event will also strive to help the local underprivileged with the support of local business, like Hi Bakery, Hanks, AMP Lofts and many others.

Can you describe the 360 Immersive Musical experience?

For the first time, we will combine the emotion of a live musical with the 360 Immersive technology. The audience will be sitting in the middle of the projections, on the floor, on the roof, and on the walls, surrounded by the sound 5.1. mixed by my favorite sound engineer producer Esteban Calderon.

The narration will be performed by the actress, Yogini Jaima. Her presence and her emotion are a blessing for each of us. She will perform the character of the Homeless person who is saved by her faith in Yogananda.

I will sing the original songs of Yoganandance, which feature combinations of Indian Hip Hop, Native American influences, afro jazz, Gregorian chanting from the 12 century, and of course some special beat box improvisations with the audience.

Why is this Immersive Musical dedicated to Yogananda?

To his millions of followers across the globe, Paramahansa Yogananda is considered one of the most important spiritual teachers and gurus of all time. He was the first major Indian teacher to settle in the United States. “His influence cannot be overstated,” says Pascal. “Yogananda brought meditation and Kriya Yoga to this country. The Los Angeles Times referred to him as ‘the first superstar guru’’. He’s the pioneer of wellness.

Next to the Bible, Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi is the most shared book in the world. “Before he passed away, Steve Jobs requested that everyone at his funeral receive the book,” says Pascal. “Many celebrities over the years – everyone from Elvis Presley to Oprah Winfrey – have had their lives enriched by the teachings of Yogananda.”

Yogananda’s message is more important than ever today. Calming the mind must be our priority. If you are stressed, you appreciate nothing. Your relationships don’t work. You’re tired and sick all the time. You aren’t present in your life. Yogananda’s teachings resonate during these times, especially after Covid.

Can you describe the timeline of the show?

It will be more than a simple show, but a full experience for every spectator. The show will start with a 360 degree contemplative immersive meditation, followed by a social moment around special herbal tea, before the spectacular Immersive Yoganandance.

5:00 pm Pre-show, Immersive Contemplation of Yogananda and his Lineage.

5:30 pm Break, with special herbal teas

5:45 pm Yoganandance Immersive Musical

Every Sunday, you will present a new show?

Yes, every Sunday we will have very special guests like the healer Alx Uttermann, my beloved friend Myron McKinley (music director of the Legendary Earth Wind and Fire), but also young singers like the very talented Maggie Meath, Yogi Cameron, DJ from downtown LA, and others…

Your wish for each spectator?

I hope that every spectator will calm their mind, rejuvenate their energy, feel a profound spiritual experience…and have the sensation to enter into the soul of Yogananda…

From Sunday, January 15, 2023, and then every Sunday for the month of January @5pm, exclusively at Art Beyond Survival, 684 Mateo St., Los Angeles, CA 90021

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