Michel Pascal creates a Spiritual Musical, to calm the mind

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Why did you create Yoganandance, a Spiritual Musical, to celebrate Yogananda?

More than ever, especially in our world today, we need calmness, joy, and love. How can we live, survive, build projects, develop good relationships, be healthy, if we are stressed, and if our brain is running all the time?

This simple question is the main question of our time.

For a long time, I wanted to create a musical around this fundamental question to give hope, light, because people suffer mentally, as we have never seen before in the story of humanity.

After my last play about Saint Therese (+1,000 shows around the world, +300,000 views on Youtube), I realized how a show can deeply touch, support, encourage, and give hope to many people.

One day, it became clear to me that Yogananda was the perfect spiritual inspiration to reply to this question. Yogananda was the first Indian guru who brought meditation and yoga to America. Millions of people have been inspired by Yogananda, including Gandhi, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Sister Jenna, Temple Hayes, Marianne Williamson, Yogi Cameron, Yogini Jaima etc…

What is the difference between a musical and a conference, or a teaching?

It is totally different and complementary. In a musical, you can feel a profound emotion, you can sing and dance. In a conference, you can learn. The goal of this musical is to give you an amazing positive energy, inspired by Yogananda. After this musical, you can read all his books, follow his teachings, and learn specific techniques with his community.

The cast of this musical is absolutely exceptional. It will be incredible to have on the stage Michael Beckwith, Sister Jenna, Temple Hayes (the narrator of the show), also the band directed by Myron McKinley, music director of Earth Wind and Fire, also Sonya Om, our choreographer, dancer from Alvin Ailey ballet, New York.

Breaking news: We will have the honor of hosting Sujon Datta , The Great grand Nephew of Yogananda. He will start the show with his Precious blessing, for the audience. To receive His Blessing will be very important…especially at the Biltmore Hotel, the Sacred Place, where Yogananda made His Transition March 7, 1952. Definitely, ‘’Yoganandance’’ will be more than a musical but a profound spiritual experience, forever in our hearts.




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