Michael Tanha Breaks Through as a Force in the Hospitality World

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After working hard at whatever one does, playing and relaxing harder is always a splendid choice. In fact, travelling to new places, meeting up with friends around the world and celebrating life together with people one cares about may be the best things to do in life. The experiences get better when done in the world’s best high-energy fine-dining restaurants like the ones overseas.

Michael, better known as “Mikey”, entered the hospitality industry in 2013 as the CFO and Partner of the Madera Group and Tocaya Organica and was promoted to president of both in 2019. As president, he led the national and international expansion of the companies from 4 restaurants to more than 25. He also led an experienced senior executive team and oversaw 1200+ employees.

Mikey is also a big supporter of the environment and he used his tenure as president at Tocaya to showcase that interest. He helped launch Tocaya Life Foundation, which focused on reducing single-use plastic in their restaurants.

A hard worker at everything he does, Mikey says that dining with friends is his favorite thing to do in life. He loves to travel and to have unforgettable experiences with friends and family. When he joined the industry, he made it his mission to provide his clients with environments that made that true for them, too.

Most recently, Mikey and his business partner Tosh Berman co-founded their new company Noble 33. The two built the business around what they love: ”dining with friends.” They build hospitality venues around that mantra.

In the near future, Mikey says they will offer experiences in West Hollywood, Toronto, Las Vegas, London, Miami, and New York.

Mikey’s background in finance and private equity has been instrumental in his success in the hospitality industry. He credits his background for his business acumen and adds, “When it comes to structuring deals, negotiating with landlords, raising capital for projects and building a company, that’s where many people in the restaurant and hospitality business fall short.”

His hospitality venues offer more than just a meal but an overall fun-filled night. The chefs use organic and sustainable ingredients for all meals. They also offer unforgettable experiences. Every night, they have DJ performances, instrumental performances and some sort of theatrics.

Teamwork and having the right business partner has also helped. Tosh is an expert on the creative side, while Mikeyis the corporate genius. When they pool their strengths together, they become an unstoppable duo that is creating a shakeup in the industry.

For Mikey, hard work and perseverance are indispensable values. He simply doesn’t take “no” for an answer and stays up working when others are sleeping or partying. Most days, he works 12-14 hours regularly despite being the leader.

Currently, Mikey is working to ensure Noble 33 is one of the most heralded restaurant groups in the world. The future looks even better. He says, “I see Noble 33 being the premier lifestyle hospitality company internationally. I see our restaurants offering to guests an experience that they cannot get anywhere else. By the end of 2023, we will have flagship venues in 7-8 major cities worldwide”.

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