Michael Mandell : Serving Up Law Tips on Tik Tok and Beyond

For his relatively young age of 34, Michael Mandell has amassed a lifetime’s worth of experience in law. Michael, or Mike as he’s known online, spent nearly a decade as a top associate attorney at Reed Smith, LLP, one of LA’s most highly regarded firms.

Noticing a need to bring the act of practicing law into the 21st century, Mike has leveraged social media to bring information and unparalleled expert access to the thousands of followers he has amassed. With his site Law by Mike, a wildly successful Instagram feed, equally successful YouTube channel, TikTok account, and a podcast, Mike has pioneered using technology to become the “#1 Lawyer on Social Media”.

Hailing from a family of attorneys (his father runs a firm with Mike’s uncle), Mike graduated from the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communications in 2009 and Duke University School of Law in 2012 (recently lauded as the #1 law school on the planet by The World University/Wall Street Journal Rankings). Once taking his place in the ranks, he quickly became recognized for his bespoke, people-first approach and client satisfaction.

This ability to engage and connect with people, even within the sometimes murky waters of the law, set Mike apart from his peers in short order. Mike decided to bring to social media, this unique ability to bridge the communication gap between client and law professional garnering him a far wider audience.

Mike started with a few videos with simple law tips about personal injury, class actions, or criminal defense, and his popularity online snowballed. It was clear his brand of open communication, and a vast knowledge base was striking a chord. Although becoming a wildly successful internet influencer wasn’t his initial goal, Mike quickly realized this brand of reaching people who needed his services was his calling.

Today, the way Mike continuously shows up has earned him over 6 million followers across numerous platforms. He hands down law tips in an easy, relatable manner, taking what can often be complicated and turning it into something digestible by the average person. In addition, Mike is a fun follow, weaving pop culture, humor, and a wealth of knowledge into his posts and podcast episodes.

Mike strives to transform the process of legal advocacy. He accomplishes this task by offering clients unprecedented choice and empowering them to take ownership of their legal matters, working with those who have know-how and experience to tackle tough cases. This approach leads to successful results time and again.

Mike is blazing the trail for a new type of lawyer: the influencer lawyer. Dating back to his days as a communication major at the University of Southern California, Mike knew that honing his communication and speaking skills would serve him well in the law field. Even before social media, the law is about persuasion and a keen sense of communication. What’s innovative is Mike bringing this know-how to the broadest audience possible and doing it in such a way that prompts people to engage and keep following.

Realizing his approach to the law and social media integration was creating a buzz more considerable than he could initially keep up with (4000 messages a week!), Mike decided to branch out and begin his firm, Michael L. Mandell Law, Inc. His firm combines modern social media utilization with taking cases across the U.S. through his tight network of trusted attorneys.

Law By Mike has made Michael Mandell a viral sensation today, changing lives with premium content and practical, real-world tips. He continues to work diligently on creating content that keeps people engaged, entertained, and, most importantly, informed.

Mike Mandell can be found online at:
Instagram: @ lawbymike

TikTok: @ lawbymike
YouTube: youtube.com/lawbymike

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