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Spa Sciences and Michael Todd Beauty are two brands that have been dominating the beauty and skincare tool industries with their fairly-priced but high-quality and effective products. From customer service to products, each company works tirelessly to provide its customers with nothing but the best, and the glowing five-star reviews show that the effort hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Aside from their products, another thing Spa Sciences and Michael Todd Beauty have in common is that they were founded by the same person, Michael Friend. Together with business partners Lewis Hendler and Lila Friend, he created and scaled each company to insane heights, though it wasn’t the easiest process, and they even failed a few times.

Some of the most notable failures actually happened during the hiring process when Michael tried to curate the perfect team. Though many of the individuals he hired showed their strong work ethic and creativity, a handful lied about their expertise. Not only did this result in a lot of failed projects, but even some failed product launches.

Since then, Michael has become an expert on the hiring process and can now easily detect when a prospective team member is inauthentic. Another thing he’s done is put together the perfect team, made up of family members and industry experts who have been given collaborative freedom in their respective departments.

The lifespan of a business can be determined by the quality of employees within it, and now that Michael has such a strong support system around him, it’s clear Spa Sciences and Michael Todd Beauty are here to stay. In fact, they have big plans moving forward.

Currently, the companies have multiple face and body items to choose from, like NOVA. It’s a waterproof and rechargeable cleansing brush that is seven times better at cleaning pores thanks to its sonic vibrations. Another popular product is CLARO, an LED therapy system created to help fight all current and future acne.

Moving forward, Michael and his team have plans of creating more products for Spa Sciences to give customers a luxury experience right at home. This includes LOLA, a sonic lip plumper, and ELLA, an epilator. Though it’s unclear when these will be released, fans of the company can expect to see them roll out as we enter 2021.

The futures of Spa Sciences and Michael Todd Beauty look bright, and we’re excited to see where they go and what else they come up with. Readers can find more information on each company by visiting their websites, SpaSciences.com and MichaelToddBeauty.com, or by visiting their Instagrams, @SpaSciences and @MichaelToddBeauty.


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