MG Marketing LLC: Not Just Another Marketing Agency

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What makes a great digital marketing agency? The digital business world’s dynamic nature demands fast-paced yet well-thought-out decisions to take the client’s business to the top, and as an agency, there are qualities you must possess. This includes a powerhouse team, relevant experience, creativity, and the right tools. But unless you have the passion, these qualities are not enough to grow your brand as an agency and even help your clients, a theory that Zach Gabel perfectly proves.

Zach is the co-founder of MG Marketing LLC. He has been in the digital marketing space for almost one year and has already cemented his spot with MG Marketing LLC ranking at the top. His unique approach to digital marketing and passion for what he does has made MG Marketing LLC a better agency.

For the longest time, Zach Gabel wanted to create his own digital marketing agency and help businesses build great websites and leverage social media to boost their sales. Besides being a personal branding and digital marketing consultant, Zach is a finance specialist. He holds a degree in finance from SIUe, which helped him grow MG Marketing LLC to a top agency in such a short period. It is also part of what pushed him to start the company.

Zach graduated in 2020, and finding a job at the time was challenging. The world was fighting COVID, which had paralyzed the economy, and most people were laid off. When he got a brokerage and asset management job, it didn’t last long before he was laid off. Zach was back to job hunting.

After several months of unsuccessful job searching and interviewing, Zach returned to the grocery store he worked at through college. But this time, he had a plan. He worked there for some time until he got enough money to start his own marketing agency.

COVID-19 accelerated digital transformations, and many consumers turned to online shopping during the lockdown. For businesses, this meant revising their marketing strategies to fit current trends and appeal to the target audience. With many entrepreneurs lost in the highly-crowded digital market, Zach wanted to help others become authorities in their specific niches. He quit his job and partnered with his roommate and friend, Emir Mansfield, to start MG Marketing.

MG Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in putting brands and personalities in front of the right audience. They have taken a personal approach to digital marketing, and as firm believers in growing together, MG Marketing walks with their clients every step of the way.

The company offers different digital marketing services, such as social media management and growth, SEO and lead generation, and automation. Zach and his team have adopted the latest technologies to help brands look better on social media and increase sales. He also shows young entrepreneurs the importance of finding their purpose and doing what they love.

You are more creative when you have a passion for what you do, says Zach. He explains that while other qualities will contribute to you becoming a great entrepreneur without passion, reaching the top can be difficult.

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