According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people suffering from obesity has tripled since 1975. Another study conducted in 2016 reveals that 39% of people over 18 years were overweight. Even though these worrying statistics, there’s one thing about obesity that gives everyone hope: it can be prevented and treated.

Most people who have tried to lose weight know that it isn’t something that comes easily. Obese people struggle more than average-sized people to lose weight. The primary reason for this is their metabolism. Their rate of metabolism is slow, which acts as an impediment. Meticore helps in improving the metabolism of the body. The following review contains all details.

About Meticore

Meticore is an up-and-coming weight-loss supplement made for people struggling to lose excess fat. As per the manufacturers, it’s a clinically proven supplement formulated using an all-natural composition. There are six herbs used in the supplement that work in sync to help raise the body’s core body temperature, thereby improving metabolism.

Improved metabolism helps in weight loss. The ingredients suppress the user’s appetite, which makes them consume fewer calories than their maintenance calories. This is the fundamental rule in fat loss. To lose weight, people must eat less, and Meticore acts as a catalyst in the procedure.

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The manufacturers claim to use a natural proprietary blend of six organic herbs to prepare the supplement. Listed below are four of them:-

  • Brown Seaweed Extract -This ingredient is known to have numerous health benefits, including improved cognitive functions and regeneration of skin cells. It also helps prevent the enhancement of cancer cells. Furthermore, this herb helps regulate diabetes and lose excess fat from the body. The lipases and enzymes present in the herb help it break down fats into simpler substances, facilitating weight loss.
  • Ginger – It’s a well-known fact that inflammation in the body can slow down metabolism. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce inflammation in the body. And, as inflammation subsides, the body’s metabolism improves.
  • African Mango – This is another naturally occurring herb that is high in fiber content. It suppresses the appetite of the user and makes them feel “full” for a longer time. This encourages the user to eat below their maintenance calories and, thus, lose weight. It can also improve digestion.
  • Moringa Oleifera – It’s an antioxidant that helps in the detoxification of the body. Toxins get accumulated in the body, preventing fat loss. The herb eliminates these toxins, thereby facilitating weight loss.

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How Does Meticore Work?

Low core body temperature is the primary cause of obesity and the body’s inability to lose weight. People with low core body temperature find it hard to lose weight. This is because the user’s rate of metabolism is low and the lost weight comes back at a rate quicker than usual. The primary function of the Meticore supplement is to improve the metabolism of the user.

As the natural ingredients used in the composition raise the body’s core temperature, its metabolism improves, aiding fat loss. It also helps in keeping those pounds away, so users can eat more without gaining much weight. Some substances help in reducing the appetite of the user, which further facilitates weight loss.

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How to Use Meticore?

Each bottle of the Meticore dietary supplement contains 30 pills. And, every unit is a one-month supply. According to the manufacturer, users should take one capsule every day during breakfast.

Is it Safe to Use Meticore?

Yes, it’s safe to use Meticore. The manufacturers claim that they have used naturally occurring substances in the composition. It’s a clinically proven supplement and safe for regular consumption.

Is Meticore Addictive?

The manufacturers haven’t used any banned substances in the composition of the product. Every ingredient in the supplement is tested for potency and purity. The supplement is formulated under the supervision of experts.

Benefits of Meticore

  • Improves Metabolism – The primary function of Meticore is to improve the body’s metabolism. It increases the core body temperature and enhances the rate of metabolism, which facilitates weight loss.
  • Reduces Appetite – Some of the ingredients used in the composition are rich in fiber content. As they are full of fiber, the appetite of the user reduces. They feel “full” for increased periods.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Supplement – Ginger, used in the composition, is an anti-inflammatory herb. It reduces inflammation in the body, which can prove to be a hindrance to fat loss.
  • Improves Digestive Functions
  • The fiber-rich supplement also improves the digestive functions of the body.
  • Detoxification of the Body – Meticore helps in the detoxification of the body as they remove toxins from the body.

Purchase and Price

There are three packages of the product offered by the seller on its official website. Given below are the price implications of each package.

  • One Bottle of Meticore: The company offers one bottle of the supplement for $59. This is a one-month supply.
  • Three Bottles of Meticore: Buyers have to pay $147 for this “three-month” package. It contains three bottles of the supplement, and the effective price of each bottle is $49.
  • Six Bottles of Meticore: The seller offers six bottles of the Meticore supplement for $234, i.e., $39 per bottle. This is a supply for six months.

In addition to the retail price of the supplement, the company also charges a small shipping and handling fee of $16.95.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller backs the Meticore weight-loss supplement with a 60-day refund guarantee. It’s a satisfaction guarantee that allows buyers to return the product if it doesn’t suit them, and get a full refund. However, there’s a process to get a refund and customers claiming it needs to follow it.

First, it’s mandatory for people who wish to obtain a refund to return the items they had purchased. The items must be in their original packaging. The return shipment should contain the “packing slip” that arrived with the package. But it’s no problem if customers lose this slip as they can include a note providing their order ID, name, address of the customer, mobile number, and email ID.

Now, once the return shipment arrives at the company warehouse, it’s inspected by the representatives of the seller. If the items fulfill the “return” criteria of the company, they will proceed and process a full refund for the customer. As per the seller, it takes about 3-5 days for the refund to appear in the bank account of the customer.

There are three main points to consider for those who decide to receive a refund from the company-

  • The seller insists on using the product for a few weeks before deciding on applying for a refund.
  • The company might deduct a small restocking fee from the refund.
  • Also, the return shipping charges aren’t supported by the seller. It has to be borne by the customer.
  • The refund doesn’t include shipping and handling costs.

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Can the user start to lose weight at a fast rate?

No, according to the manufacturer, the user will lose weight at a steady rate. Losing weight at a fast pace isn’t healthy and can have several side effects.

Do people require a doctor’s prescription to use the product?

The company claims that they have used an all-natural formulation to prepare the supplement, so the user doesn’t need to get a doctor’s prescription for the product. However, it’s better to consult a physician before starting to consume new medication.

What are the side effects of the product?

As per the seller, there’s no anecdotal evidence of potential side effects of the product. But when two or more medications are taken together, they can have an undesirable reaction, resulting in side effects. So, users who are on other medication must consult their doctors before using Meticore.

What are the other benefits of the product other than helping in fat loss?

There are several other potential benefits of Meticore than just promoting fat loss. It helps in the detoxification of the body and removes undesirable toxins from the body. It also helps in improving the quality of the user’s skin.

Can women use the product?

Yes, this is a product that can be used by both men and women.

Can an 18-year-old order the product?

Yes, the user must be at least 18 years old to order the supplement from the company’s official website.


Losing weight is never easy. It’s about controlling the urges and restricting one’s diet. But it’s also about metabolism and the body’s core temperature. The hormones and enzymes working in the body must be in the right balance for excess fat to melt.

Meticore is a safe and risk-free supplement that is formulated with natural herbs. It’s clinically tested and as per the manufacturers, there’s no evidence of any side effects of the product. People who are interested in ordering the product may visit their website and choose the most suitable package. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee as well.


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