MetaLab Agency Founder Travis Bott Acquires Logan Paul’s 404 Error NFT Collection in Support of High-Value Originals

MetaLab Agency LA Weekly

Obtaining great financial success measured by numbers is one thing. Still, everyone knows a genuine legacy lies in how a person impacted the rest of the world and how his actions changed the course of an industry or other people. On a mission to support original high-value projects in the NFT space is Travis Bott, the visionary behind MetaLab Agency, creator of the famous Metabounty Hunters NFT project. Going above and beyond what an entrepreneur is, Bott is pushing boundaries as he changes narratives in the NFT landscape, believing in the importance of upholding original NFT projects for the overall success of the entire community.

NFTs are becoming wildly popular by the day, with thousands of projects launched into the space. With the abundance of creations, Travis Bott believes that preserving original projects, such as Logan Paul’s 404 Error NFT collection, is crucial in emphasizing his goal of launching a network for innovative minds across the globe. The acquisition of the 404 Error NFT collection will mark a significant stride in building such a powerful community, with everyone in it sharing the same passion for originality and authenticity.

NFT projects have been known to bring investors exponential returns, which is especially true for projects that experienced bullish success. But beyond multiplying their investor’s money, MetaLab Agency has always gone above and beyond, serving as an avenue for acquiring knowledge and sharpening the skills of their community. Travis Bott has always lived by his philosophy of empowering others to leverage all strengths in navigating the NFT industry, and for years he has succeeded. The founder and CEO has strived to help his community overcome challenges while simultaneously bringing them opportunities in the Web3 space. The acquisition of Logan Paul’s 404 Error NFT collection is another indication of his move to contribute more value to his community continually.

“I believe that projects that possess considerable value have the potential to revolutionize industries, especially an ever-evolving one like the NFT trade. I have so many plans for this recent acquisition, and this is only the beginning of everything,” Travis Bott explained. “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to linger, now is the time for revolutionary personalities and entities to take the big step and serve as a launching pad for those who have the potential to do so. Industries are not expected to automatically adapt to the times. Thus, they need individuals and organizations that fight tooth and nail to make that happen,” he explained further.

In addition, on a mission to continually support high-value originals in the NFT space, Travis Bott assured his community that the acquisition of Logan Paul’s 404 Error NFT collection is just the beginning, the first of many others to enter their web of high-value digital assets. The CEO further revealed that he is yet to launch more plans and strategies geared toward helping individuals maximize their potential in the NFT landscape. Without a doubt, Travis Bott and MetaLab Agency will reshape the digital space with their holistic approach to how the NFT business works.

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