Maintaining healthy hair is part of healthy hygiene and reduces hair loss; however, finding good hair care products can be quite tricky. Merian Odesho, an expert hair product formulator, shares her recommendations for maintaining healthy hair.

Merian Odesho is the CEO, founder and formulator of Bounce Curl, a leader in curly hair products. Growing up, Merian was passionate about hair and science. Her frustration from the unsuccessful results of using various hair care products fueled her passion even more. She started her journey of creating products and has become one of the biggest providers in hair products.

From a young age, Merian says her parents taught her how to take great care of her hair using homemade natural ingredients. With her Bachelor in Science Degree and the love for mixology, Merian now creates hair products from ingredients that follow green chemistry principles that guarantee excellent results for your hair.

People have different hair types and textures, says Merian. In shopping for your hair products, Merian stresses the importance of knowing your hair type and considering products that uphold safe beauty treatments.

Here is how to maintain healthy hair, according to Merian:

  • Adapt the use of products that are safe for your hair

It is important to know that the products you use on your hair can be absorbed into your body. The use of safe hair products will not only improve your hair but potentially prevent your body from suffering from health issues.

In formulating her hair products, Merian ensures not to use toxic ingredients. She advises her clients to use Think Dirty (an app that allows you to learn about potential hazards of the different ingredients used in a product.) Bounce Curls is verified by Think Dirty and their products have a rating of 1- to show their products are very green.

  • Regularly wash and moisturize your hair.

When washing your hair, Merian advises using cool water to thoroughly rinse away oils from the scalp. Moisturizing also helps the hair to retain moisture leaving it smooth and hydrated.

Understanding your hair type will guide you on how often you should wash your hair and the proper care after washing and moisturizing, says Merian.

  • Regularly Detangle your hair.

In detangling your hair, Merian emphasizes the importance of using the right comb or brush. She notes a wide-tooth comb is the best to detangle your hair effectively.

With some hair types, detangling when the hair is wet can cause breakage; it is advisable to comb the hair carefully when wet. For instance, Merian says curly hair detangling and combing is much easier when wet as it reduces breakage.

  • Avoid too much heat on your hair.

Using too much heat on your hair can cause breakage and make the hair appear dry, says Merian. When straightening or drying your hair, it is essential to use the right products that cause no damage. Make sure you do not use too much heat.

  • Consider protective styling

Protective hair styling helps your hair retain moisture and, as a result, prevents the hair from dryness, breakage, or tangling. In addition, protective styling helps in retaining the length of your hair.

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