Megan Thee Stallion and Spiritbox Collab on Cobra: Rap star Megan Thee Stallion and rising metal band Spiritbox have collaborated on a rocked-up remix of “Cobra” and it is fucking immense.

The song is the perfect choice for this treatment; the lyrics are essentially a cry for help from Megan: “Breakin’ down and I had the whole world watchin’, But the worst part is really who watched me, Every night I cried, I almost died, And nobody close tried to stop it, Long as everybody gettin’ paid, right? Everything’ll be okay, right?”

Powerful stuff. To hear those deeply personal lyrics over some hefty guitar action, and then Spiritbox singer Courtney LaPlante’s vocals both cooing and screaming between — it’s all wonderful and manages to stay on the right side of “nu-metal.” This isn’t Limp Bizkit. This sounds fresh and real.

The video is awesome too. Megan crawls out of a massive snake, and then sheds skin while a bunch of creepy dudes in suits take photos. The metaphor is crystal clear. And LaPlante’s angst-ridden scream helps to highlight the pain expressed in the song.

As for Spiritbox, “Their debut album, Eternal Blue, dropped September of 2021 and rolled in on a global tsunami of critical acclaim, perfect score reviews and features everywhere…” reads the press release. “The album spawned a string of hit singles including ‘Holy Roller,’ ‘Constance,’ ‘Circle With Me,’ ‘Secret Garden’ and most recently, ‘Hurt you.’ Eternal Blue charted #13 Billboard Top 200, #1 Rock, #1 Hard Rock, #1 Vinyl, #2 Internet Albums, #2 Independent, #3 Digital Albums, #3 Album Sales and top 20 of the official charts in Australia (#8), Germany (#17) and UK (#19). To date, Eternal Blue has clocked up 265 million streams.”

Megan Thee Stallion and Spiritbox Collab on Cobra: Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cobra (Rock Remix)” feat. Spiritbox is out now.













































































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