Meet Yuxin Liu: The Innovator Leading the Way in Entertainment, Web3, and NFTs

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Yuxin (Yoyo) Liu has earned her place as an actress and producer. She is widely known for her roles in the TV series “Eternal Love, The Pillow Book,” “Scarlet Heart,” “Mulan,” and for the project “Wuhan! Wuhan”. Yuxin “Yoyo” Liu was the producer behind Wuhan! Wuhan, which was awarded best documentary of 2021. Showing us that art isn’t the only thing she is talented at, Yuxin has now ventured into the world of Web3 and NFTs.

Yuxin Liu, who was born and raised in Mainland China, developed a passion for acting at a young age. She felt drawn to the industry, which motivated her to take the next step. And through hard work, resilience, and determination, she got her first role. She has been an actress and producer for 17 years, working on some of the top projects in Hollywood and Asia.

As an actress and performer, Yuxin has performed multiple times in the “CMG Spring Festival Gala” (the biggest Gala in Chinese New Year, just like the Super Bowl in the US). She has starred in various movies and TV series, including Mulan 2009, with her work attracting massive attention- Yuxin has been invited to notable events like the Sundance film festival.

Yuxin is also the co-founder of Starscollective, a company supporting younger artists. Starscollective is committed to expanding the creative community. They are integrating global resources and bringing together local alliances of film producers and directors as they empower actors and actresses. They have several stars, from filmmakers to artists, who they mentor and help on their journey. Starscollective has 200+ award-winning filmmakers and artists from all over the world.

Beyond acting, Yuxin has also ventured into the Web3 and NFT spaces. She has been an investor for four years and recently announced the launch of her Web3 company, becoming the first Chinese mainland actress working in Web3. Yuxin Liu has co-founded a Web3 platform, Footage, which is set to launch in the coming month.

According to Yuxin, their goal is to help take Hollywood to the Web3 creating more opportunities for young creators. The Web3 talent ecosystem, Footage, will provide indie filmmakers and storytellers with novel ways to finance their projects and bring their ideas to life. It allows creators to explore new ways of interacting with their audience and enables them to create new distribution channels that will benefit them and their fans.

As a young woman in the Web3 and NFT spaces and a minority, Yuxin Liu is also using her brand to empower other women. She is showing young girls that it is possible to live their dreams. Yuxin Li started out as an actress in mainland China. She has grown her brand to one of the top movie producers, performers, and actresses not only in Asia but also in the US, with her work receiving recognition from industry bigwigs. Yuxin Was selected as Asian Film Festival (2021) Jury Group Member and Asian Film Festival 2022 Award Presenter. She is now preparing to launch a Web3 company, Footage, that is set to redefine the film and entertainment industries.

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