Meet Tyler Smith, the Call of Duty Top Content Creator in the Scene

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The content creation sector is expanding tremendously, with recent studies indicating that there are more than 50 million creators globally. However, content creation is not as simple as it seems. Numerous issues frequently plague content producers, and there is much more to content creation than just posting. You must consistently generate content with enthusiasm that can lead you to destinations you have always imagined.

Tyler Smith is one of the prolific digital creators taking over the space. Tyler, notably known as Tdawgsmitty, is a Warzone content creator for Boston Breach and Twitch Partner. The 30-year-old Westminster resident streams video games and has gained thousands of subscribers, building a solid digital brand. The streamer grew to prominence last year and currently boasts over 50,000 followers on Twitch. Twitch allows users like him to broadcast their gameplay live for thousands of worldwide viewers.

Tdawgsmitty, a lifelong gamer, started streaming at a young age but started exploring the games three years ago to socialize with his buddies. Smith’s love of gaming became apparent when his uncle got him a Nintendo 64, a home video system released in 1996 when he was six years old. He also played the well-known first-person shooter Goldeneye 007 on that system, which was his first.

“That game changed my perspective on video gaming for the rest of my life, and I knew I wanted to continue gaming and get better at it, but it was also a fun thing,” explains Tdawgsmitty.

Tdawgsmitty wants to leverage his skill and passion for spreading positivity and hopefully encouraging others to be positive by encouraging his audiences. He wants a source where people can hang out and talk about gaming and fun stuff. To him, the objective is to create a safe space where everybody feels welcome and can enjoy a break from the stress and struggles in their lives.

Tdawgsmitty’s biggest challenge was striking a working balance as an employee and content creator. “I had to work a full-time job all the while trying to become a content creator. Late nights, seeing friends and family less,” he explains.

Also, the COVID pandemic was a major setback and blessing in disguise that presented career opportunities. Fortunately, his passion and dedication to the gaming world have helped him overcome other hurdles on his path to living his dream.

Tdawgsmitty believes that everyone has the potential to convert their hobbies into full-time careers. All you need is to believe in your potential and work hard to be the best in the industry. More importantly, never give up, no matter what you are going through. Instead, learn from your mistakes and strive to become a better version of yourself every day.

An ambitious individual, Tdawgsmitty wants to be a top Warzone or Call of Duty content creator in the scene. He wants people to be inspired by his story and do things that maybe they have been putting off going all in on.

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